RHOBH Recap – Unfashionably Late!

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Greetings Beverly Hills fans!

We meet again to discuss the lives of the rich and famous. We start out with Dorit recovering from a hangover discussing her swimwear line. Dorit is done being a stay at home wife/mom and is back to designing swimsuits. We see some designs for her upcoming Nava swimwear which apparently PK is helping out with (hopefully that doesn’t mean he is modeling them – yikes!)

Teddi and her children are having a cute family moment which is cut short as she is meeting Dorit for drinks. While Teddi is punctual and accountable, Dorit is a no show. Teddi apparently is the only one at the restaurant and is uber bored as she waits for the incredibly rude Dorit. 48 minutes later Dorit calls and says she was wrapped up in a vrty important international meeting and in not so many words, Teddi was not worth her time. I said it last week and I’ll say it again: Not liking Dorit this season.

Over at Casa Kyle, Kyle is outnumbered by her dogs and children. Kyle calls Lisa Rinna who brags about her jet setter lifestyle and filling in for Kelly with Ryan Seacrest. Moving on to LVP we get a glimpse of Vanderpump Dogs which is the poshest pound I have ever seen. Apparently her original pound she was going to partner with was sketchy at best. Lisa is having trouble letting go of the dogs as she wants to adopt the new one that looks like Ken.

Kyle has lunch with Erika and they discuss Tokyo and how Rinna’s daughters learned sexual moves from their mama. Ugh – I still can’t get over that. Kyle discusses her shows and is talking to networks about new ideas which is sure to create drama in the Hilton/Richards family. Erika reveals her own family drama as her husband broke his ankle which isn’t great for someone his age.

Erika meets with Mikey in her office (which serves no purpose other than being a second home) to discuss her husband’s accident. Erika refers to her husband as Mr. Girardi and seems calm about the accident as apparently it wasn’t very serious. Despite being a minor accident, it did make her stop and think that one day she will be alone and will have to stand on her own two feet. Are we supposed to believe that Erika is not going to get everything?? Not buying that. Erika states that it was shocking to see her husband as a mortal vs. the super human that she knew him to be.

Teddi is keeping Kyle accountable by forcing her to workout. Kyle is motivated by Teddi’s weight loss success and trusts her to lead her in the direction of health and fitness. After the class the ladies head to breakfast. The two discuss Dorit’s tardiness and Teddi clearly is not letting it go and even questions Dorit’s friendship over the incident.

On the other side of the country Lisa Rinna is in NYC being her neat freak self before calling Harry Hamlin. Harry sets down the rules while Lisa Rinna lets the girls run wild. Lisa admits that the girls have had a lot of help so now she worries about them surviving on their in the own world. Delilah gets on the phone and gives her mom a bit of an attitude. In addition to Dorit, also not feeling the Hamlin girls this season…

Kyle is meeting Dorit for some Mexican food and Dorit shows up looking like a dominatrix. Dorit and Teddi aren’t agreeing what time they were supposed to meet or how late Dorit was. Kyle reveals she is signing two shows and I’m wondering when we finally will get to see American Woman. Kyle breaks down after Dorit says she will cheer her on as she is not able to celebrate with her two sisters. The sisters have had falling outs due to business/family/personal reasons and Kyle’s American Woman didn’t help. Kyle finally opens up about Mauricio leaving Rick Hilton’s company and I’m shocked she is saying this on air. I’m sure this is not going to go over well with the Hilton family…

Rinna is getting ready for hosting Live! and is thinking of what could have been as she was close to winning the coveted spot. Meanwhile, in Beverly Hills Dorit looks like a batman villain who is wearing their boyfriend’s shirt. Kyle is lunching with Dorit and Camille while LVP and Dorit have their own. Dorit shares Kyle’s woes with LVP and LVP seems a bit jealous she confided in Dorit. The conversation moves over to Dorit and Teddi’s drink date and we hear the she said/she said story. The girls can’t agree on the time and I’m wondering if production is behind this and told the girls two separate times to create drama. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was the case.

The conversation then turns over to Dorit and the big ‘C’ word. Dorit brushes it off as a joke but Camille is seriously pissed. Camille blames Dorit on drinking too much or looking for attention which Kyle isn’t feeling. LVP reminds Dorit that she had a new boyfriend there which Dorit admits is a bit embarrassing. Rinna joins Teddi, Camille and Kyle and joins in the conversation. Rinna comes in guns blazing about a lawsuit involving LVP and the Spot dog rescue. Rinna claims there was an assault regarding Ken and a woman involved with the charity which no one can believe. You can tell Rinna is salivating at the mouth having this information and I’m appalled that Rinna is using this as a story line…

What were your thoughts on this weeks episode?

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