RHONJ Recap – Prisons, Proposals, and Parties!

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Well this is it Jersey fans – the grand finale!

Marge and her mama are going to try on their dresses for the big Studio 54 party. Marge is squeezing into her dress and luckily a tailor is in hand to correct the imperfections. Danielle stops by to say ‘hi’ and automatically the conversation turns to Siggy. The ladies find Siggy to be rude and time will tell how this all will go down at the discoteca.

Siggy and her son Joshua are suit shopping for his prom. Joshua looks dapper in a suit and Siggy is having a hard time holding it together. Luckily Joshua will only be 3.5 hours away at Penn State and Siggy plans on attending every football game.

Over at the Giudices, Papa Gorga is helping the girls prepare for their mother’s surprise birthday celebration. Joe Gorga very sweetly helps out as well (as her hubby is away) and I love seeing Joey stepping up to help his sister. Tre is overwhelmed by the love from her daughters and we get to see the “ugly” cake the Melissa brought. Am I the only one who actually liked the zebra cake??

Tre discusses visiting Joe and it’s adorable how excited Audriana is to see her father. Tre has not seen her husband in a (very) long time and is expecting a sincere apology or she will have to reconsider their marriage.

Dolores is with her two main men (and I’m not talking about her boyfriend) having some good old fashioned family fun: bowling. I know I say this every week but I can’t help it: why don’t Dolores and Frank get back together? I hope Andy Cohen addresses this at the reunion. Dolores and Frank are spending time with Frankie before he leaves for Sacred Heart and even he is curious if his dad will move out when he leaves.

Margaret and her housekeeper are getting ready for the disco party when her interior designer stops in to help with the decor. I know Marge is a fashion designer but she and I have serious different tastes in home decor. But hey – to each their own! Her style is a mixture of classic Jersey, 70’s and white marble. Joe is the only one who seems concerned with the ‘vision’ but at this time what’s most important is getting it done before the party.

The time of truth is here for Teresa as she and the girls leave to see Joe. Tre only has a 3 hour window with Joe but she doesn’t want to get too deep in front of the girls. We don’t get to see what happened inside but it’s clear that Teresa was emotional and lost the courage to demand her apology.

Joe and Teresa discuss Teresa and Joe and apparently Melissa thinks her sister in law is going to “walk.” Shortly after, Tre walks in and state that Joe apologized which is why she was so emotional. Joey Gorga is shocked old school Joe Giudice could apologize, we can only hope it’s the sincere apology she was looking for. Teresa tries to gloss over the situation saying ‘everyone makes mistakes’ but Melissa correctly butts in stating “this was a big mistake!” Yes Melissa – I would say this is the understatement of the year!

Over at Siggy’s we see a sweet family moment with Joshua leaving for prom with his gorgeous girlfriend. Siggy is beyond excited and couldn’t be more thrilled (unless she got to go as Joshua’s date.)

We see the ladies getting ready for the party and Dolores tries to call her boyfriend David. He doesn’t pick up which doesn’t make him look great on camera. We also learn that Frank is going to be Dolores’ date only making David’s absence even more strange. Joey Gorga is going for a bare chest look (possibly a nod to Tarzan) while Dolores dons an amazing Diana Ross look.

The party looks pretty spectacular and I’m loving all the glittered jumpsuits and 70’s attire. Siggy is running late which is making Dolores nervous as even Margaret’s ex-husband Jan has showed up. Margaret decides she waits for no one and gets started on her grand entrance. Not to be a party pooper but am I the only one who finds grand entrances a little silly? I did like her birthday speech and found it sweet that she expressed how blessed she was.

The drinks are flowing, the dancing’s going and we are teased with some sort of rumor that came up. We find out that Siggy had an accident and is in the hospital. Danielle doesn’t seem too concerned and only replies with an eye roll. Obviously Dolores doesn’t take too kindly to this and obviously defends her BFF. Dolores responds by calling Danielle a slob and Teresa comes to her defense as well. Margaret is offended she didn’t get a text but is relieved the party will be drama free.

Despite the fabulosity of the party, the main concern seems to be Siggy and whether she fell on purpose or not. Joe Gorga seems to be thinking so and Melissa thinks that Joe makes some good points. Dolores texts Siggy that sh*t is being said about her so Siggy decides to go to the party (because Bravo producers made her.) Michael Campanella doesn’t think she should go (and I’m with Michael here) but there is no changing Siggy’s mind. The two arrive at the party to show visual evidence that she really was hurt.

The ladies make a joke of Siggy throwing herself down the stairs but Danielle seems icy and mad as hell. Siggy then admits she was really hurt but didn’t really want to go to Margaret’s party as the two will never be true friends. Obviously this triggers Margaret and all hell breaks loose (because Bravo can’t have a party where people actually have a good time.) Siggy states she only came to hang out with her friends which prompts Margaret to ask her to leave. Even Teresa states that it was rude for her not to wish Marge a happy birthday, but their friendship runs deep so she leaves with Siggy. This of course upsets Margaret and Melissa feels that the group has drawn a line.

Well that’s it Jersey fans! Not going to lie – the finale was a little underwhelming but maybe we will get more at the reunion. As for our season recap?

  • Teresa can’t wait for Joe to get out so she can enjoy his hot bod
  • Dolores is still dating David even though they barely ever see each other
  • Siggy is focusing on the two men in her life: Michael & Joshua
  • Melissa is focusing on her 4th baby (Envy)
  • Margaret is working on her home renovations and may be bringing in reinforcements (if her husband lets her.)

Thoughts on this season Jersey fans?

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