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Danielle Staub Takes Margaret Josephs Side Regarding CakeGate; Reveals She Was Surprised With Dolores Feelings Towards Her!

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Danielle Staub is back and she couldn’t be any happier! While she isn’t a fulltime housewife (yet) she appeared on the season eight premiere of the Real Housewives and joined the rest of the ladies at their Boca trip. Danielle gave fans an update on where she’s been and her thoughts on all the ladies. Danielle spoke about who’s side she was regarding cakegate and says she was surprised by how judgmental Dolores was in her interviews. Danielle starts off saying,

“I am so happy to be back!! So much gratitude goes out to all of you for keeping me in your thoughts and never did you once waiver from supporting me. Over the years I have met so many wonderful people, but none compare to those of you who love the entire franchise and invest so much time and energy in all of us to be certain we feel your love! I am excited you are going to get to see all sides of me: The Mother, The Friend, The Daughter, The Lover…of everyone! In time you will see I am truly one of the most relatable women you’d ever meet. Life has always shown the ugliest sides, but I’ve always been able to turn the page and write “MY OWN” story.

I am honored to have the full support of my daughters, Christine and Jillian, they are the loves of my life and nothing compares to the love of my sweet daughters! Last time you saw my girls they were much younger, Christine is now 23 years old and graduated from college in 2016 with a double major in Psychology and Sociology, graduating summa cum laude, top 1% of her class. Proud Mommy to say the least! I could go on and on about my Christine but something I have learned is that my kids have a right to a certain amount of privacy and her story is hers to tell with the exception of bragging rights being the mommy and all.

My Jillian is now 19 years old and graduated from Paramus Catholic high school in 2016 where she cheered all four years both competition and football cheer PCCT. YES, I had two graduations in two weeks for those of you who caught on to that, LOL. Jillian now attends Monmouth University she is a sophomore, belongs to a sorority where she is well loved, and she is studying Secondary English education with a concentration in Creative Writing and an Endorsement in Special Education. Proudest Mommy in the world of my Baby. I could go on and on about my Jillian known to me as “my bug” but again she deserves privacy as well as the ability to tell her own story…hopefully you will become more up to date on my kids during the season.


No words can express my deepest sympathies for the loss of your beautiful mommy, Antonia Gorga. May her loving memory bring you comfort in your times of need. She is never far from you, Joey, and your Papa. I hope and pray every day for healing to be granted to your entire family now and always.

I am so happy you reached out to me a year ago and we were able to reconnect so organically. What a blessing to have had her see and understand how I was wronged, but mostly that she is willing to admit that to me…this is the beginning for me and I want you all to enjoy our journey because you will see this season, as we begin to heal our past and create a friendship with love, light, and lots of Namaste.


I’d like to start by sending my sympathies for the loss of your mother-in-law. I remember you’ve mentioned that she was the one who taught you how to cook and I find that to be such a sweet thing, being as passionate about cooking as I am I loved the mention of that.

You are one adorable lady and I had my nerves jumping when I met you, yet I was so pleasantly surprised to meet you and have our first conversation in person. There was an amazingly easy dynamic between us. Bonding with you in Boca was so much fun and that’s when you became my “little one” this is where our story begins…

Margaret Josephs (newbie)

Welcome to Jersey!

I cannot lie and for those of you who know me you’ll agree I never make things up!! Well with that said, I was not eager to meet The Marge. I had heard she was great from the other ladies, but I needed to find out for myself. I wanted so much to not like her because I was a little jealous (told you I cannot lie), but I immediately fell in love with her with the first mention of “pot puss”. From that moment on we became inseparable and she’s exactly “my cup of tea”. I still wish she had danced on the table, but there is time to work on that one.

Siggy Flicker

I had originally met Siggy a while back. She was very sweet back then and I enjoyed seeing you at my housewarming and reconnecting. I was so beyond humbled by you inviting me on your Boca trip. You have no idea how much that means to me. I try my best to stay diplomatic in all cases, but I do not like when I see someone being mistreated and I feel like the Dorm Mother at times because I will always have everyone’s back and try to remain unbiased. However, I cannot imagine giving anyone a gift, be it a cake or anything and not allowing them to use that gift as they please. I personally love a good cake (food) fight. The cake was lovely and I know for a fact Melissa loved it. But it was her cake and she had a blast with it.

Doloras Catania

When I arrived in Boca I think I was most looking forward to seeing you again. Meeting you years ago was brief and we never got to know each other this is true, seeing you at my housewarming party was amazing I felt you were really sweet and genuinely interested in getting to know me…I have never met anyone and judged them right away and I guess I kind of expect the same from other people, however I am learning quickly that is not the case! Walking into breakfast in Boca you seemed to welcome me most graciously then I hear you mention the “Ghost from Christmas Past” like it was a bad thing? Since you have named me “The Ghost of Christmas Past” I will be happy to have you take a look into your past real soon! Saying in your testimonial, “Am I the only one that sees she’s crazy and this could be a problem?” LOL honey, I defy you to show me sane!

Let’s make Season 8 great!!

“I’m Back Bitches.”

Love & Light

Yours truly


I could totally see why Siggy was upset that they threw away the cake because she went out of her way to make it personal. And I can see why the other ladies didn’t think it was as big of a deal because they were just having fun. As for Danielle and Dolores – it’s no surprise Dolores has her reservations with Danielle only because she is friends with Jacqueline and Jacqueline and Danielle have had a bad history.

Who’s side are you on regarding cakegate? Are you happy to see Danielle back? Thoughts on what Danielle had to say about Dolores?

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