Lonely Marriage: Lauren Manzo’s Constant Complaints

Lauren Mazno

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They say happy wife, happy life so it seems that Manzo’d with Children star Vito Scalia may have a problem on his hands. It’s no secret that Vito is ambitious and hard working, but the dad-to-be seems to be neglecting his wife Lauren Manzo who is always complaining on social media about being “alone” all the time. In recent posts on Snapchat Lauren complains about cooking for one, eating dinner alone and “spending way too much time alone.” img_6025 img_6026 img_6024 img_6028 In fact, it seems that when Lauren isn’t alone, she is surrounded by her family sans her hubby, who is assumed to be working. This isn’t the first time Lauren has complained about Vito working all the time back in September Lauren posted an eerily similar Snap complaining about having “dinner for 1. On my couch. again.” And Lauren’s latest Snapchat posts only further indicate that things haven’t changed for the couple. I get Vito is working to build something but it seems like him, and Lauren are never together. Hopefully when their baby comes he will be home more and they can spend more family time together.

Is Lauren Manzo’s husband neglecting her? Will Vito Scalia be more present once their child is born?

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Lauren Manzo complains about being alone all the time because her husband, Vito Scalia, is often working and not spending much time with her. She expresses her frustration on social media, mentioning that she cooks and eats dinner alone and spends too much time by herself.

 Yes, Lauren Manzo has previously complained about her husband’s busy schedule. In a Snapchat post from September, she mentioned having dinner alone on her couch, indicating that this has been an ongoing issue for some time.

It is hoped that Vito Scalia will be home more once their child is born. With the arrival of their baby, it is expected that Vito will prioritize spending more time with his family and reduce his work commitments. This would allow them to have more family time together.

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