Siggy Flicker Gives Relationship Advice to Our Favorite Bravolebrities – Including Andy Cohen!

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Image Source: Google

Siggy Flicker is the no-nonsense, straight talking relationship expert on RHONJ. We had the opportunity to speak with Siggy and get her thoughts on some single housewives (for original story click here); however now the Sig is back with more! This time Siggy is dishing out more advice – even giving some love tips to her boss Andy Cohen!

Speaking with Bravo, Siggy doesn’t hold back when it comes to dishing advice to single bravolebrities.

On the charming (but single) Andy Cohen, Siggy suggests:

“When you are that talented, and you are in the public eye, the one concern that you have when getting into a relationship is: Does this person just want to be with me because I’m Andy Cohen, or do they really love me and like me for who I am? The friend of a friend route is definitely the best route for him.”

On the newly single (and ready to mingle) Ramona Singer:

“I feel like she gave that relationship her all. She really, really loved her husband and it’s a shame. But I would say to Ramona [that] life is just beginning for you. I mean you don’t need to have children, you can go out there and have fun, fun, fun. You’re beautiful. You’re fabulous. You look amazing and, listen, your attitude is your altitude.”

On the Skinnygirl herself, Siggy understands why love is difficult for her saying:

“She’s extremely successful and she’s a celebrity in her own right and it’s very, very difficult because at the end of the day, you want to know that somebody’s going to be with you through thick and thin and they’re not using you.”

For the wild bachelorette type like Brandi Glanville:

“Brandi’s a wild girl, she says it like it is, which is amazing. What I would say to Brandi is [that] it depends on what you want to attract. I think that she would agree to the fact that what we all want is a man, a M-A-N. We don’t need a little boy. She’s just got to filter it a little bit.”

As for Ms. Gunvalson? Siggy still thinks she has a thing for Brooks (ew!)

“She is gonna date and date and date, but I think she still loves the guy who lied about the cancer. I think her heart’s still with him and she really loves him. And I believe that they can work it out.”

To Kenya, she shows a little more sympathy saying:

“There’s a little girl inside of her that’s crying over the demise of her relationship with her mother. And I think that when you are hurt in that way, you act out in real life. And I would say don’t give your mother or anybody else the power to make you angry and stop you from living your life to the fullest. I would say to her, listen don’t be afraid of being vulnerable. No one can hurt you, but you. Vulnerability is a very beautiful and sexy thing and I feel really bad for her.”

I think Siggy’s advice is dead on. I like how Siggy plays neutral and calls it like she sees it (both requirements to be a professional matchmaker!)

What do you think of Siggy’s advice? Do you think it’s accurate?

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