Is Bethenny Frankel’s “Know It All” Attitude Making Her A Mean Girl?

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Image Source: Google

Bethenny has been a staple on RHONY. Her tough NY attitude and single girl/independent woman traits are what have made her such a success and popular ‘housewife’ for Bravo; however fans have commented that lately she seems to be coming off more as a mean girl than a no nonsense New Yorker that viewers used to find funny.

In a preview for an upcoming episode of RHONY Bethenny is seen dissing Jules Wanstein’s house and giving advice that Jules didn’t even ask for. While touring Jules’s Hamptoms home in the upcoming episode, Bethenny comments:

“What the hell were you guys thinking?”

“Well, you got to get organized because you’re going to have 8,000 problems once your done. You’re going to lose so much money. You’re never going to be able to sell this.”

“It’s going to be like the money pit.”

I’ve always like Bethenny in the past but she seems to be becoming the annoying ‘know it all’ friend that no one wants around!

On RHOBH she dissed Erika’s video and gave her advice (although she is not in the music industry), forced Sonja to re-name her upcoming alcohol line, is anazlying Dorinda’s relationship and is now criticizing Jule’s house. Constructive criticism is one thing; however being plain rude is another!

Fans seem to have noticed as she is getting a lot of comments for her ‘know it all’ attitude, which in the past made her funny but lately just seems mean. Although she is one of the most (if not the most) successful housewives with a big brand under her name, that doesn’t necessarily mean she is an expert in every area of everyone’s life.

Do you think Bethenny’s comments have changed from funny to mean? Thoughts on her so far this season?

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