RHONY Recap: The Biggest Boob!

Image Source: Bravo

Image Source: Bravo

Tonight in the Big Apple there is big drama! We left off at Dorinda’s bra party and the drama involving Dorinda, John, Bethenny and Ramona and we pick up right here!

Dorinda is still upset that Ramona, her friend of 20 years jumped on the band wagon of bashing John. The ladies then do what they came to do: try on bras! Carole and Jules have a debate on who is skinnier which I’m sure had many viewers rolling their eyes. Ramona then apologies to Dorinda which ends up being an awkward apology but I really do think Ramona felt bad for hurting her friend. Dorinda then calls John who obiously didn’t know he was on speaker phone and threatens any b*tch that talks smack about him. Dorinda is obviously embarssed and quickly takes him off speaker phone. John then comes up to the embarrassment of Dorinda and clearly has been drinking. John is charming as usual and accuses Bethenny brand, Skinnygirl, as being a rip off of Skinny Cow. Bethenny has to explain the difference (which is a bit ironic as she got upset that Sonja’s ‘Tipsy girl’ was too similar to her brand name). John just doesn’t know when to quit and states Bethenny is jealous because she can’t hold a relationship. Dorinda is mortified and Bethenny feels she has proven her point.

Bethenny feels John’s behavior is a gift from God and feel vindicated and Dorinda vows never to be with him again as she is abut to die of embarrassment. Dorinda starts crying to which Bethenny starts to comfort her. Bethenny calls out that there is something weird about their relationship.

Carole is out walking her dog and expresses being uncomfortable that Luanne will be at Bethenny’s party. Across town is the new dynamic duo of Luanne and Sonja who are apartment shopping for Luanne. Sonja is shocked that Luanne is looking at apartments downtown (gasp!) In a foreshadowing moment Luanne also expresses that she KNOWS she will find love again – loving the confidence Countess!

Bethenny is doing what she does best: branding skinnygirl and paying divorce bills! Ramona stops by and shares a heartbreaking text that Dorinda sent her. Ramona is remorseful; however Bethenny doesn’t feel she should be and does an impression of John from the night before much to the shock of Ramona. Bethenny states that as a duo Dorinda and John party way too much and feels bad for Dorinda as she feels her pain of being with John.

Jules is in full mommy mode on the car ride to the Hamptons and it’s been determined that Dorinda and John will stay with them (as no one else wants John). Jules and Michael’s home is under construction (however you can tell it will be beautiful!) Dorinda lays down the laws of being her friend: hate John and you hate her! John is loving these rules and is egging her on in the corner. Dorinda feels that her friendship with Ramona is fractured and feels betrayed and humiliated by her. On a side note: Jules get a mini education in the story of Caesar and Brutus as she apparently has never heard of the line “et tu Brute”?

Bethenny, Ramona and Dorinda are meeting for dinner and Ramona doesn’t feel bad for saying what she did but feels bad for doing it in a public setting. Dorinda expresses her hurt towards Ramona; however Bethenny has to drag an apology out of Dorinda. Dorinda makes it clear that she isn’t going to break up with John and suggests that both stay out of her relationship. Ramona and Dorinda have a tearful reconciliation and Dorinda declares her passionate love for John to the ladies, to which Bethenny just advises her to watch herself.

What did you think of tonight’s drama involving Dorinda and John? Let’s discuss!

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