AllAboutTRH Exclusive: Teresa Giudice Talks About Her Love of Yoga and How She Got So Toned!


Get ready for a new Teresa this season! Not only does she have a new zen attitude (Andy Cohen is even calling her ‘Namaste Teresa’) but she has a new body to go along with it!

Teresa has mentioned that one of her goals when going into prison was to get into the best shape of her life and it looks like she can cross that one off of her “goals” list!

In her memoir, Teresa shares that she became obsessed with yoga while in prison as it transformed both her mind and body. It looks like that Teresa is keeping up with her practice as she recently posted the following photo on her Instagram page saying: “Just got done with hot yoga. I feel so good. #Namaste”


Those are some arms!! Any housewife looking for a fight better think twice before coming at Teresa!

We also spoke exclusively with Teresa on her love of the workout and what about it really connected with her.

Per Teresa, “I just love the way I feel after doing yoga. My body feels so good and also it helps clear my mind and be more zen.”

When asked what her favorite yoga pose was, Teresa responded “Really all of the poses but if I have to pick one I would say crow pose.”

Crow is the yoga pose that Teresa is mastering in the photo. I would say that she’s getting to be pretty advance as that isn’t a beginners pose!

Teresa also mentioned that yoga has inspired her to go for her next business venture which will possibly be a clothing line dedicated to yoga wear. Being a yoga nut myself, I am constantly buying yoga clothes so would love to see what Teresa has in mind! Even if you don’t practice yoga – who doesn’t love wearing yoga pants??

Although Teresa is looking great, I personally love how she is using yoga not just to look good but to feel good from the inside out. We have to say that it’s working for her – keep it up Tre!

What do you think of Teresa’s new ripped body?? Are you surprised that yoga has transformed her life so much?

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