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Real Housewives Potomac

Get your etiquette books ready – it’s time to catch up with the ladies of RHOP!

On tonight’s episode we start out with Karen and her daughter getting some self-defense training as Karen’s daughter is getting ready to go off to college. We also find out that Karen was mugged once which makes her even more nervous to send her daughter out into a world full of weirdos. We also get a sweet and raw moment with Karen and her daughter where Karen breaks down about her daughter leaving her for the real world. I feel we get to see the real Karen vs. the etiquette obsessed version of her we see on our screens in this brief but sweet moment.

Across town Ashley is working on her Australian restaurant with her husband. Ashley claims that she wants to start this business so she can have some of her ‘own’ money (however surely this business is going to be started with her husbands money right??) Her husband will be helping out with the restaurant while Ashley claimed she will be doing the operations side. We also get to see her interview skills where she asked random questions that have nothing to do with the actual job (Katy Perry vs. Taylor Swift??)

Charrisse is dealing with bigger problems than Katy vs. Taylor and has Robyn over to her home to catch up and talk the state of her marriage. Robyn spills her (ex) husband drama as well as Juan possibly may be moving. Charrisse asks the question which is on everyone’s mind: Does Robyn still love Juan? Robyn admits that she does and spills she still sleeps in the same bed with him and sleeps with him for that matter! I can see Juan and Robyn eventually ending up together again – they seem to truly have a love for each other. Charrisse spills that her and her husband basically have less of a relationship than Robyn and her ex-husband. Charrisse talks divorce with her husband over text and even says her husband wasn’t even responding. It sounds like their marriage is over while Robyn and Juan continue to heat up!

Back to Karen who invites Gizelle over to her home for some gossip about the other women. The ladies talk Ashley making the ladies pay for their own drinks at her birthday party (which I admit that I’m team Gizelle on this! Ashley got a new car for her birthday – they can afford to buy drinks!) Karen talks planning a BYOM event (bring your own man) and debates inviting Katie due her PDA and overall behavior at Ashley’s party. Gizelle mentions that Katie’s behavior was “off” and suggests that she may have been on something.

We then get to see Ashley’s posh pad where her mother and brother stop by for a visit. Ashley and her mom seem to have a genuine and close relationship and don’t waste a lot of time breaking into the booze. Ashley reveals that her mother has had to file bankruptcy and Ashley states that she wants the restaurant to be successful so that she has her own money to help her mother out.

Katie is meeting Karen for tea to talk philanthropy with Mrs. Black Bill Gates herself. Katie is asking Karen to be on her foundations committee which is awkward as Karen admits she was appalled by her behavior and Katie straight up admits that she embarrassed herself. Katie dishes that she is looking for Karen’s help on her fund raiser casino night. Katie straight out asks Karen to be on her host committee which Karen flat out declines due to her other commitments. It was slightly awkward but at least each lady was straight up and honest!

Moving on to the beautiful Gizelle, we get to see her on a date (specifically date #2) with eligible bachelor Herman. Gizelle freaks out after her date toasts to “forever” which Gizelle isn’t feeling. Gizelle admits she would be more attracted to him if he had more “edge” which is ironic as her ex-husband was a pastor! Nevertheless Gizelle needs a man for the BYOM party so invites him to Karen’s party anyways.

Katie and Ashley are double dating with their men on a golf outing where Katie talks her discussion with Karen. Katie dishes to Ashley that Karen thought Ashley’s party was too “young” for her which Ashley responds by calling Karen “ageist”. Both ladies agree that Karen needs to loosen up and let go of some of that stuffy Potomac attitude.

We then see the ladies getting ready for Karen’s yacht party including Robyn who spills the slightly disturbing fact that her children don’t “technically” know their parents are divorced and that it would be weird to bring Juan as her date (does anyone else find it weird that their children are so clueless about their family’s status? It’s not like their children are in diapers!)

The Potomac ladies are ready to set sail on the high seas for Karen’s yacht party where we have Ashley’s husband dressed like a pirate and Gizelle bringing Herman on as date #2.5. During the party Karen has a huge etiquette no no moment by mixing up Gizelle’s current date with another man she was dating who is known as Mr. Miami (shouldn’t hosts know the names of all of their guests? Surely that is in the etiquette rulebook!) On to another uncomfortable moment Ashley’s husband Michael decides he wants to swim and starts to take his pants off (I was embarrassed for Ashley as her husband was acting like a drunk frat boy at a party!)

Overall this wasn’t the most eventful episode so I’m hoping things heat up next week where we get to see the ladies at Ashley’s beach house!

What were your thoughts on this episode? Let’s discuss!

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