Heather Dubrow Reveals How She Chose Her Children’s Names and Which Pixar Character Inspired One!


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Heather Dubrow is the proud mama of four beautiful children! Despite them all having unique names they are not “Hollywood weird” and Heather reveals that each one was carefully thought out!

It started when one caller asked Heather’s opinion of the mother getting final say in the child’s name if the parents couldn’t agree as the mother was the one carrying the child for 9 months. Heather agreed with the caller saying that she got final say in youngest daughter Collette’s name (and nickname Coco) and that Terry wasn’t originally crazy about it!

Heather reveals that Collette’s name was actually inspired by a Pixar character (one of my personal favorites) Ratatouille which had a character by the same name!

Heather fell in love with the name and wanted to call her Coco for short; however Terry wasn’t thrilled about it:

“Terry of course immediately goes, ‘Like Chanel? Really? That’s what we’re naming her? No,’. He Fought me the whole time.”

“At the end of the day, I think I went, ‘I carried the baby. I have to feed the baby. I have to wipe the baby’s butt. Come on. Let me have it.’ And then he finally acquiesced. I think the true answer is it would be nice if you could come to an agreement, but maybe you could make a deal, like you pick the first name, and your husband picks the middle name. And then if you’re planning on having more, you could switch off. Or, you could put both names that you like in a hat and pull them out one at a time and decide which one’s the first and the middle.”

The other children’s names came a bit easier and were chosen both for their uniqueness and for a family tie-in:

Son Nicky’s middle name is Kent (which is also Heather’s maiden name). Heather said “I only have a sister, so I thought to keep it alive, we’ll give him the middle name Kent.” I agree that is a nice tradition!

On daughter Max Heather revealed, “We both liked the name Max for a girl, but we didn’t want Maxine, so we named her Maximilia, Maximilia Beatrix after my grandmother that had passed away.”

By that point they were already going with a Russian theme so wanted something similar for daughter Kat. Heather revealed she originally wanted to call her daughter ‘Kitten’ but Terry protested saying “it’s a stripper name” (I’m going to agree with Terry on this one!) They decided on Katarina with ‘Kat’ for short.

I have to admit that I’m liking Heather’s podcast! She reveals some fun facts about her family in a cute was that isn’t revealing too much into her kid’s personal lives.

Do you like Heather and Terry’s picks for their children’s names? Thoughts on Heather saying a woman should get the final say?

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