Phaedra Parks Walks the Walk! Visits Flint to Assist Water Crisis – Plus, Who Else With A ‘Housewife’ Connection Also Helped Out?

Phaedra Parks When Phaedra Parks said she wanted to get involved more in politics and make a difference in the African American community – she meant it! We recently saw Phaedra march on Washington, meet with personal heroes for advice and start a her own program. Her most recent endeavor? Visiting the Flint, MI area to address and assist in the water crisis. NBC is reporting that Phaedra Parks met with other activists and locals to express their outrage over the recent water crisis, which has left citizens without drinkable water and many affected by the high levels of lead. Activists were pushing for a resolution and emphasizing that there is no time to waste! Says Phaedra, “Everybody knows me as a real housewife but outside that I’m a lawyer and a real black woman who supports real people.” The local government has received a ton of backlash for their handling of the water crisis along with the pace that they are moving and red flags that have risen when researching the timeline of events. Also there to lend their support? A RHOP ex-husband and ex-boyfriend! Gizelle’s ex-husband, pastor Jamal Bryant was there and commented “This is in fact crimes against humanity.” Katie’s ex-boyfriend (and mega-mogul) Russell Simmons was also on hand and voiced support from other stars saying “I call Will Smith. He says there’s a truckload of water I sent just now. I call Puff, a million dollars of water I just sent. I call The Game, sent $500,000.” Russell also voiced his outrage against government action saying “I don’t know why the rappers got to get here before Obama but the rappers is here. I’m in it for the long run. I will be back and I’m going to send more water.” With all the scandals surrounding celebs it’s nice to see them out using their high profiles for some good! The Flint water crisis is truly a tragedy; I’m glad that those in the public eye and with connections to the media are getting involved. Can you see Phaedra continuing a more political path? What are your thoughts? Follow AllAboutTRH On Instagram Here Follow Us On Twitter Here And Like Us On Facebook Here

Phaedra Parks is known for being a cast member on the reality TV show “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but she has expressed her desire to get involved in politics and make a difference in the African American community. She has been actively participating in political activities such as marching on Washington, meeting with personal heroes for advice, and addressing the water crisis in Flint, MI.

The water crisis in Flint, MI refers to a situation where the local government failed to provide drinkable water to its citizens. The water supply in Flint was contaminated with high levels of lead, making it unsafe for consumption. This crisis has caused outrage among activists and locals who are pushing for a resolution and demanding immediate action.

 Phaedra Parks received support from other notable individuals during her visit to Flint, MI. Gizelle’s ex-husband, pastor Jamal Bryant, and Katie’s ex-boyfriend, Russell Simmons, were present to lend their support. Russell Simmons even mentioned that he reached out to other celebrities like Will Smith, Puff Daddy, and The Game, who have also contributed to providing water and expressed their outrage against the government’s handling of the crisis.

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