RHOC Recap: Game Changer


This week’s episode begins with Meghan King Edmonds and her family moving! Tensions are running high between Meghan and her husband Jim as he throws a dig at her, but Meghan says that is because no one ever compliments each other during a move. At the Edmonds’ new home, they will be in the same neighborhood as Shannon Beador! Speaking of Shannon, she calls Meghan during Meghan’s move to invite her to a bunco party. Meghan expresses her surprise at getting this invite due to how Shannon reacted when Meghan called her for her charity event. This phone call does not end so well as Meghan wants Shannon to prove to her that Meghan will be safe at her party. Clearly, this angers Shannon since she feels no need to prove anything to a 30-year-old woman.

Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson are enjoying a day at the spa! The two discuss being a grandmother since Tamra’s son and his fiancee are expecting their daughter very shortly. Vicki thinks Tamra becoming a grandmother will soften her a bit. During their spa day, they go through some extreme measures to try to stay young! Tamra says they are being painted in marshmallow and wrapped in plastic. No matter what these two have been through, Tamra says they can always have fun together. This is clear as Tamra takes some time to rub more of the marshmallow all over Vicki’s face!

Heather Dubrow takes her kids to a salon for their haircuts. Heather used to take her kids to a children’s salon, but now they go to a high-end salon. Heather hopes her husband Terry will join her and the kids for their haircuts, but she is not holding out hope since Terry is gone most of the time working. Terry runs his own plastic surgery practice and also stars in the show Botched. Heather is worried about her kids because she knows how much they miss Terry.

Another phone call goes down between Shannon and Meghan! Hopefully, these two will soon learn that they do not communicate well over the phone. Shannon calls Meghan because their last conversation did not sit well with her since Meghan wanted Shannon to prove herself. Shannon wants Meghan to know that she does not have to prove herself to anyone. Shannon says she is being the bigger person by extending the olive branch and inviting Meghan to her party.

Vicki and her boyfriend Brooks are paid a visit by Brooks’s health coach Lenka. She helps Brooks live a healthier lifestyle. Brooks tells Lenka that he just finished his third round of chemotherapy for his cancer, and the results are not what they had hoped for. Lenka’s strategy to fight cancer is to starve the cancer cells by removing all foods with unhealthy chemicals from Brooks’s body. Vicki and Brooks discuss a lot of Lenka’s treatments, including organic coffee enemas! Vicki was insistent on not trying this one!

Shannon is preparing for her bunco party! Since she is having 20 people or less at her home for the party, she is doing all the preparation. Shannon believes it is more special if she does all the cooking since anyone can just call a caterer to get the party ready. While Shannon is getting ready for the party, David tells her that he saw someone who Shannon had seen at the beach one day. Shannon gets frightened because she thinks David means he saw the woman he had the affair with, but it was actually just an old friend. David has promised that if he ever runs into the woman he had the affair with again, he will not say a word to her and keep walking. Shannon believes him. Unfortunately, Shannon continues to panic and is worried that she is bombarding David with the affair. This is a difficult time for Shannon since many things make her think of the affair.

Meghan and her family are finally into their new rental home. Since the rental home is only Meghan’s for four months, they already talk about getting rid of things for their next move. Meghan says that while she may not make the most money, she does take control when they look for their new homes. However, Jim usually rejects Meghan’s ideas.

Heather pays Terry a visit at his medical office while the Botched cameras are rolling! She says that while she wants to be an actress, Terry wants to be a star. Heather is the subject of an upcoming episode of Botched! Heather believes that the success of the show has certainly inflated his ego. Even though Heather is happy the show has become so successful, she does not like that Terry’s filming schedule is seven months long.

It’s time for Shannon’s bunco party! Meghan arrives and has accepted Shannon’s olive branch. It is a bit awkward though as Meghan is the first one to arrive to the party! Shannon tells Meghan that she has some wines to give her for her charity party. Meghan believes this is Shannon creating a deeper wedge by trying to act like the bigger person. Looks like Shannon’s invitation has not smoothed things over between these two! Tamra also believes that Shannon inviting Meghan to her party is a bit of a “f**k you” to Meghan for not inviting Shannon to her party.

At the party, Tamra reveals that she has started showing houses again since her real estate license is still active, and she wants to show Meghan and Jim some new homes for their next move! After the house talk, Meghan gives Shannon a card to try to make things better between the two. Shannon thinks this is Meghan going above and beyond to make herself look good.

The ladies, including Jeana Keough, discuss the last time they attended a bunco party, which was way back in season seven. This was the party where Vicki and former housewife Gretchen Rossi got into their epic screaming match about being a mother!

Meghan talks to Vicki and Tamra about how many times her family has moved. Meghan tells them that she is alone a lot since Jim is only in Orange County about 50% of the time! Vicki thinks this is a red flag in their marriage since they are a part for so long.

Shannon says it’s time to start playing! Meghan has never played bunco before, but she says she knows it is a game that old women in Mississippi play! The ladies all show their competitive sides and get pretty upset when they do not get their buncos.

Vicki then leaves to use Shannon’s landline phone to call her daughter Briana. She’s not on the phone long before she receives devastating news that leaves her crying on the floor. The news is that Vicki’s mother suddenly passed away. Vicki’s brother Billy found their mom in her bed. All of the ladies run to Vicki’s side as they hear her cry. Heather calls a car for Brooks to come get Vicki so they can fly out to Chicago so Vicki can see her mother. No matter what the ladies have been through, Heather says they are really friends and are here to support each other.

Vicki says she just spoke to her mother that morning and she was not sick at all. She is devastated that she lost her last living parent and her best friend. Vicki was not ready to lose her mom yet because she was not done learning from her. This made Vicki think about Brooks and his cancer, and it scares her more than anything.

Our thoughts go out to Vicki and her family during this difficult time.

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