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Which Housewife Was Cold To Meghan King Edmonds?

Bravo’s newest Housewife Meghan King Edmonds is set to make her debut on the season ten premiere of The Real Housewives of Orange County this Monday. Meghan is already speaking out on which OC Housewives she likes and which she does not.

Perez Hilton sat down with Meghan to let us know a little more about her. In the video, Meghan talks about her relationship to her star baseball playing husband Jim Edmonds and their unique family dynamic.

“I’m living in Orange County with his 17 year old daughter who I’m stepmom to,” Meghan said. “I’m closer in age to her than I am to my own husband.”

Joining The Real Housewives can surely be difficult at first, but luckily, Meghan already had a bond with one of the women prior to filming.

“We’re friends with the Dubrows, and we’ve been friends with them for a while,” Meghan revealed. “It was nice to be able to have the opportunity for Heather to introduce me to all of her friends and get to build some roots in Orange County.”

Meghan also revealed that she formed a strong friendship with another woman on the show besides Heather.

“I have a very strong relationship with Tamra,” Meghan said. “We hit if off immediately the very first night that we met. I completely take it as a compliment to be Tamra’s mini-me.”

Of course, Meghan did not get along well with all of the women.

“Vicki actually was initially, when I met her, extremely welcoming and a great hostess,” Meghan explained. “We went through some rocky times after that kind of trying to get to know each other.”

Meghan also said that one Housewife in particular was very cold to her.

“Shannon was pretty cold to me,” Meghan said. “That was my impression of her: stand-offish.”

Meghan went on to say that Vicki and Shannon continuously brought up Meghan’s young age and their older age throughout filming. Meghan was not sure if they did this because they were insecure or because they felt as though they could not connect with her because of the age gap.

What do you think about what Meghan had to say? Are you surprised with her being friends with Heather and Tamra and not getting along with Vicki and Shannon? Are you excited to see her on season ten?

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