Cynthia Bailey Says You Have To Choose To Move Forward!



Many of the viewers, as well as cast members of RHOA, have been saying that Cynthia has finally found her voice. This has caused a few more fights than usual with Cynthia and other housewives. However, she has not written these people off yet. See below what she was to say in her blog about getting past the tenseness.

Forgiveness is a process. When I forgive someone it doesn’t mean that I am automatically re-embracing a relationship, nor am I pretending the hurt never happened. When I truly forgive someone, I have decided to make the choice to release that person from my judgement and anger. Forgiveness is not always the easiest choice to make. No one likes to admit when they are wrong and take responsibility for their actions. Taking responsibility and ownership requires self examination. We don’t always look as pretty as we would like to think we do!

People hurt each other, that’s part of life. While we don’t choose to be hurt, we DO choose our response. Through the power of forgiveness, you are able to move forward regardless of the other person’s choice. Your objective should never be about what the other person chooses to do, or not do. It should be about you focusing on what is best for your life. Never stay locked to anything that does not positively serve you and your purpose. I choose not to live my life in a cesspool of negativity, hate, and regrets. I will not sit immobile and helpless. I will not let other people’s character and actions permeate my world! By forgiving others, I inadvertently forgive myself for putting myself in the situation.

Love doesn’t control you, it frees you. I know in my heart that real friendships can be healed through mutual love, consent, and respect. I am an optimist, and I trust God to continue to lead my way. God has taught me well.

I’ve always liked Cynthia, but I do feel that she seems to be more reserved until someone with a larger voice is behind her. What do you think about what she had to say?

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