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Claudia Jordan Slams NeNe Leakes and Porsha Williams!


Claudia Jordan is our newest this year on RHOA. So far, we’ve known her to be friendly with Cynthia and Kenya, and a bit unfriendly with Porsha. Now, she is slamming NeNe and Porsha.

I’ve loved to watch alliances form and dissolve on the show throughout the years, especially when you have alliances that have lasted for years, such as Cynthia’s and NeNe’s, and then gradually weaken until they shatter. Claudia, in defense of Cynthia, took to Youtube to give her two cents.

“As for Cynthia-I’ve really gotten to know her really well over these past few months… I literally speak to her just about every day-and I know folks are side eye’ing her boldness-but I really think it was always there but she bit her tongue in order to pacify her extremely insecure yet loud and overbearing “friend”-Nene Leakes. I told her from what I can see-she’s basically like a battered wife emotionally when it comes to Nene so now that she is no longer emotionally tied to CARING about nenes feelings she can really GO IN and say what she’s been thinking all along. I think folks are just so used to super sweet Cynthia that they don’t know what to make of this. But I personally live for the underdog fighting back.”

She also went on to add her opinion on Porsha, who blamed editing for making her appear like she was uninterested in talking to Claudia when getting her makeup done.

“I can NOT wait for you all to see the rest of the season! And as for my check vs porsha’s check well-she is absolutely right-our checks are not the same and they don’t have the same name on em nor the same amount! LOL I certainly would hope not!”

Claudia is new to the show but she does not seem to have a hard time keeping up with the Leakes and Williams of the Housewives franchise. Tell us what you think about Claudia Jordan!

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