RHOA Recap: Cynthia and NeNe Discuss Their Issues; Mama Sharon lets loose on Kandi!!

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Sunday’s episode started hot! It begins with NeNe going off on Cynthia, saying she had her back when no one else did. Phaedra said that she has never seen NeNe that “emotional”, and then Kandi, Phaedra, Porsha, and Kenya decided to leave. Cynthia told NeNe that she had crossed the line too many times, but it started when NeNe called Peter a bitch. However, NeNe said that she shouldn’t have been hanging out with her all that time if she was so upset. Cynthia thinks that NeNe just hates to be called out, and that is part of the reason that they were having problems. Both of them ended the conversation saying they wanted to move on, hugged, and said they loved each other. It seems like a genuine moment…time will tell.

Kandi and Todd spoke over video, about things at home while he was out of town. He told Kandi that his mother, Mama Sharon, was still upset about what Mama Joyce, Kandi’s mother, had set about it. He mentions that they need to go see his mother, and they decided to meet Cynthia up in New York while she is there for fashion week.

Derek J, celebrity hairstylist, meets with Phaedra to discuss his impending law suit against him. Derek J was sued by one of his clients for allegedly telling his stylists to steal her hair. Phaedra mentioned her jobssssss, plural. She told him that when you are a celebrity, people come out of the “wood works” saying crazy things.

Next, we see NeNe and Greg talking and Peter and Cynthia talking, both discussing the sit down the women had. NeNe, while making tea for her sick husband, tells Greg that she wants to move on, and Greg admits that he knows they both miss each other. But Nene is unsure if she could ever trust Cynthia again. Peter and Cynthia, while discussing the same conversation, seem to be having a completely different one. Cynthia hesitated to tell Peter that they made up. Peter was not happy, hearing that. Cynthia admits that she misses her, and says that NeNe does these things out of “hurt and anger”. Peter reminds her of what happened in their relationship in the past and says she was not holding NeNe accountable. Peter wants nothing to do with NeNe anymore, saying that he has been in paradise for the last 6 months.

Todd is ready to show Kandi around New York, take the “bougie” out of her and teach her how to like someone from Bronx, and while Kandi goes along with it, she says that Todd is more bougie than her.

When Cynthia goes the day before to get ready for the fashion show in New York, she has a difficult time in the run-through. Kithe Brewster, fashion designer, points out that her butt is big and she walks to slow. You can see that Cynthia is a little put off on it, but instead of complaining, she owns it. She tells the camera that she is skinny for Atlanta standards, but curvy for New York.

Phaedra goes to Derek J’s salon to discuss the case. Phaedra collected the “facts and evidence” from the salon. Derek J showed Phaedra the “scene of the crime”. Phaedra told him they have a winning case.

Kandi and Todd meet Cynthia and Peter the night before the fashion show for dinner. Todd brings up Mama Joyce and how she treats Todd’s mother, Mama Sharon. Peter and Cynthia discuss (argue) about the marriage license and how Peter’s mother felt.

Cynthia looked like she was in her 40’s going on 20 in the fashion show. She owned the room in a short black dress, and then closed the show in a gorgeous, red gown.

Finally, Mama Sharon, Todd, and Kandi meet for dinner. As Todd asks Mama Sharon about moving to Atlanta, the conversation quickly turns into a discussion about Mama Joyce. She was livid about Mama Joyce calling her a prostitute, and tells Kandi that she is upset with her because she has done nothing and lied about saying her mother not saying it. Kandi gets defensive, as always, refuses to see how her mother is, and gets angry at Todd. The looks she gave Todd could have killed. Todd tells her that she has to stop her mother from saying whatever she wants. Kandi goes between shutting down and saying that her mama is still her mama. Mama Sharon isn’t backing down though. She says that she will punch her in the face if she sees her. Mama Sharon tells Kandi and Todd that Mama Joyce should expect something in the mail. She reveals that she will sue her.

Until next week! Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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