Dina Manzo Sees The Good In Both Amber Marchese And Nicole Napolitano!


dina manzo
On Sunday’s episode of the Real Housewives of New Jersey we watched as Amber Marchese and Nicole Napolitano came face to face! While Dina Manzo hasn’t been involved in the ladies drama, she took to her blog to talk about it saying she does the see the good in both Amber and Nicole. See what she had to say below

“Hi All,

I know I wasn’t in this episode for more than two seconds, but they were an important two seconds. I totally believe in the power of vision boards, and I swear I am living proof. I literally check things off my vision board on a monthly basis. I wanted to share this with Teresa so she can start checking off her dreams as well. That’s what friends are for, right? If something works to make our own life more peaceful, we are meant to share it. With that said, I would love to share more with YOU! I made a quick video for you with blogs and resources to get started on your vision boards! Want to hear the irony? This video was made from my favorite place that was guess what? ON MY VISION BOARD! So excuse the wind chimes and sun glare. Check it out and watch all of your dreams come true and remember to send me pics!

Now I’ll touch on a few of my favorite moments from this week’s show. How adorable is Giovanni? He’s got such a gentle way about him for a boy his age, it’s exciting to see the next generation of a family business bloom. I’m sure TerEsa and Rino are very proud of him and his desire to keep that tradition alive. I can tell you first hand that the food is GREAT at their restaurants, and please when you visit will you buy that man a drink?

Speaking of restaurants I appeared to be a bit quiet at dinner with the crew, didn’t I? That’s a LOT of personalities at one table. I tend to shrink in situations like that and do more eating and observing while everyone else takes the stage. I loved to see Rosie happy with her new love. Rosie and I had many talks about her relationship since me and her girl are both Pisces. I tried to give her an inside peek into the wonderful sensitive minds of us fish. You’ll have to stay tuned to see how it worked out for them. I adore Rosie and wish her a lifetime of happiness, she deserves it. Here’s a peek into a dinner party at which I had a LOT to say, check it out (you may even pick up some hints along the way)!

Finally I have to say it was nice to see Amber and Nicole work out their differences…at least for now. I see the good in both the girls, we all mess up once in a while, right? OK, OK, so it might be a little hard to relate to a slutty first responder throwdown, but you know what I mean.”

It seems like Dina does her best to stay out of the drama and observe but I understand why she tries to be the middleman. Thoughts on what Dina had to say?

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