RHOC Recap: Tamra Judge Runs Away After Being Confronted By All The Girls In Bali


The adventure in Bali continues tonight! Let’s see what kind of drama the ladies stir up this episode.

Vicki, Tamra and Heather meet up in the morning. Tamra is pissed at Heather for saying that Tamra made fun of Lizzie’s dress and accuses her of trying to stir up sh*t. Heather denies it and says she brought it up to Tamra in private on purpose so the other girls wouldn’t hear. Tamra explains to Heather that she’s mad at Lizzie over the marry, shag and kill game they played on Valentine’s Day and for Lizzie allegedly saying that Eddie wanted to f*ck her.

Lizzie, Shannon and Danielle meet up with the rest of the girls to drive to a temple. The ladies are super disrespectful at the temple, complaining of being blessed with water and opening doors that are part of religious ceremonies. Tamra announces that she would rather be shopping so the group heads to the market. They try these super strange pedicures with little fish that suck dead skin off their feet (no thank you!) before driving to go feed some monkeys. All the girls are freaking out over the monkeys, except for fancy pants Heather who keeps her cool!

Heather and Tamra go for a bike ride while Shannon and Vicki head to the spa. Shannon is in holistic heaven with all the spa treatments and crystal facials. After their spa day, Shannon tells Vicki how Lizzie apologized to her for judging her and how she blamed Tamra for telling them that Shannon was crazy. Shannon tells Vicki that Tamra is talking about her also and that she needs to have a conversation with Tamra soon. Shannon and Vicki meet up with Lizzie and Danielle and continue to talk about Tamra and her lies this season. Shannon says she was given the wrong impression of Lizzie and Danielle as well, thanks to Tamra. Danielle tells Vicki that Tamra has continued to bash Brooks and Vicki starts to tear up. Shannon is pissed and says she’s going to get the ball rolling at dinner that night.

Heather and Tamra arrive late to dinner and miss a Balinese performance. While walking into the restaurant, Shannon thanks Heather for inviting her along on the trip and hopes they can move past their issues. The dinner gets off to a super awkward start. Vicki is acting weird by not talking and pretty much giving Tamra the death stare, so Tamra immediately notices that something is up. Heather takes the opportunity to apologize to Shannon for repeating the gossip she heard about her relationship with David. But then she also tells Shannon that Terry is very upset that at their cowboy party David shouted at Heather to “spread her legs” when she was getting on the bull. Shannon says that David had been drinking tequila all afternoon and probably said it to be funny.

Tamra excuses herself to go to the bathroom and Heather asks everyone what the heck is going on. Vicki says she’s hurt because Tamra told her she approves of her relationship with Brooks but then has been going around bashing him to all the other girls. Once Tamra is back at the table, Shannon brings up all the things that Lizzie told her Tamra said about her. Tamra immediately goes on the defense and says she hadn’t said anything mean about Shannon until Lizzie’s party when Shannon was acting strange. Lizzie jumps in and brings up how she never said Eddie wanted to f*ck her, she said he wanted to marry her. Danielle backs up Lizzie, but Heather claims that she and Terry heard Lizzie say f*ck not marry. Tamra says she’s already apologized to Shannon and Shannon said she accepted her apology, but in return she called Shannon a liar with the whole “Take the Beadors down” comment. Lizzie tells Tamra that she’s the most insecure woman ever, which causes Tamra to run away from the table shouting that they’ll never see her face again. Vicki breaks down in tears and says she lost Tamra as a friend once again.

Lizzie and Shannon tell Heather that Tamra has talked about her too, calling her anorexic and saying they weren’t even that good of friends. Heather appears upset and goes to find where Tamra ran off to. Tamra calls Lizzie a lying, manipulative b*itch and tells Heather that she obviously wanted her in her wedding. Tamra says it’s no surprise she isn’t a fan of Brooks and that Vicki should know better than that.

Heather joins the girls back downstairs and says that Tamra is upset. Vicki and Heather agree that it’s time for them all to go home.

I was expecting a bigger blowout at the dinner table for Tamra to run away screaming, but I guess she couldn’t handle being faced with all the gossip and lies she’s spread this season. I can’t believe that next week is the season finale already!

What did you think of all the girls confronting Tamra? Which housewives do you think are telling the truth and which are trying to stir the pot?

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