RHONJ Recap: Amber Marchese VS Melissa Gorga!


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And so the drama continues from last week’s episode at Bobby’s First Responders Party. Jim decides to call Joe Gorga a dumbf*ck which he doesn’t take too kindly. Jim and Amber leave before things get even more crazy but Joe Gorga follows and the two go at each other. Joe Giudice stays out of it and he seems like he is absolutely over the drama. He also tells Teresa to make sure she stays out of whatever is going on. Jim threatens a lawsuit against Joe Gorga and Teresa’s husband Rino starts calling Jim names and defending Joe Gorga. I am not by any means defending Jim but didn’t Rino just meet Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice? Why does he keep freaking out on Jim? Everyone goes inside and Teresa asks to speak to Jim and Amber. Jim explains his reasoning on why he didn’t have a guys night and it all sounds like BS. Dina and Melissa chime in and Jim begins acting very disrespectful towards the ladies insinuating that they are dumb. Dina calls out Jim for this and Jim is just being rude. Amber isn’t saying anything and Melissa seems pleased with all that’s going on. Jim and Amber finally leave and everyone is shocked with all that happened.

The next day, Teresa Giudice and her hubby Joe buy some chickens for there backyard. Teresa says Joe is just like his dad because his father did the same thing. I kept getting real sad when Teresa brought up Juicy’s father being that he is now no longer with us. The girls are so happy with the chickens.

Dina is at Serendipity waiting for her date that Nicole introduced her too! He is super late and it’s very rude especially since he hasn’t called Dina to let her know. He finally arrives and Dina looks over it. The two are getting to know each other when Dina brings up how she still lives with her husband who she is separated from. I love me some Dina but the date was a total disaster and very hard to watch.

Nicole’s boyfriend Bobby wants to make things right with Amber and Jim. Bobby has been friends with Jim for over 10 years and he is put in a very terrible situation. He has to choose between his girlfriend and his best friend. Bobby goes to Jim’s house and Amber is livid with Bobby. Amber and Jim start calling out Bobby and start saying that Bobby would never marry Nicole and has made fun of her to them. Even if that were the case, I think it’s wrong that Jim, Bobby’s supposed best friend, would blast Bobby like that ON camera. If Bobby ever said anything to Jim, his best friend, in confidence it should have been left that way. If Bobby ever even spoke smack about Nicole like Jim said-that is an absolute no-no! Bobby denies saying any of this and Bobby wants to move on and says his goodbyes but it looks like it’ll never be the same between them.

Over at the Giudice’s, Juicy and Rosie are headed to get more chickens after Juicy’s dog ate some chickens. Milania tags along and it’s adorable. It’s pretty odd that Rosie is hanging out with Juicy so much. I know she always liked Juicy but it seems like Rosie is trying to get some airtime.

Dina and Teresa agree to meet Amber at a spa to talk about what happened at the First Responders Party. Amber apologizes to them about how Jim handled things and Teresa says she is not going to judge Amber based on her husband’s actions. After they all clear the air, Dina calls Melissa passive aggressive. Dina states that Melissa did start all of the drama and thinks she can be passive aggressive and then smile about what she’s caused with a smirk on her face. I agree with this statement. I feel like Melissa seemed like she enjoyed the drama between the twins and Amber and could care less about all that happened. Amber agrees with Dina’s statement and Teresa says she went through the same thing with Melissa but has moved forward and recommends that Amber speak to Melissa one-on-one.

Amber takes Teresa’s advice and asks Melissa to meet her for dinner. Melissa walks in and makes a joke about how Amber’s head feels after the twins pulled her hair. Again, it seems like Melissa has no guilt for opening her mouth and can care less about Amber’s feelings. Throughout Amber and Melissa’s conversation, Melissa smirks when speaking to her. Melissa seems like she really has an issue with Amber and does not apologize for telling Nicole what Amber told her. Melissa says Amber should have never told her anything and none of this happened. Amber says she told Melissa this is what she heard and Melissa calls Amber a liar. Melissa says she doesn’t trust Amber and Amber feels the same way. Melissa does not feel guilty for anything because she says Amber started it by running her mouth. Amber says Melissa is not taking ownership for anything. Is she surprised? Melissa has never taken responsible for anything! Just look back at the other seasons. Melissa seemed really mean to Amber at the dinner and clearly didn’t care about what Amber had to say. Melissa leaves the dinner after Amber says she is done with the conversation because she knows it is not getting anywhere….

Next week, Amber faces Nicole and things look like they will get ugly! Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss!



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