RHOC Recap: Tamra Barney Tries To Blame Heather Dubrow For Making Shannon Beador’s Drama Public!


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We continue the Shannon madness at dinner in Mexico. Vicki doesn’t like the way Shannon constantly picks at David and it reminds her of what she used to do to Don. Finally, Shannon’s meltdown is over and they can all have fun with the Mayor of Mexico herself, Vicki.

Okay. I have to admit, Vicki seems like a totally good time. I need to bar hop with Vicki in Mexico. (Officially added to my bucket list) We see Tamra at work and we also see this dumb robot baby for a THIRD episode! Really Bravo? THREE episodes with Astro?

Tamra is talking to Ryan and Eddie about their anniversary party and their floors are messed up. Like they’re $30,000 messed up. Yikes! Eddie is annoyed and doesn’t think they should waste money on the floors.

Eddie seems like he is already tired of Ryan and Tamra is scared because Ryan and Eddie arguing brings back bad memories of Simon. Heather is having a family dinner with her kids and boy do they live the life. I just need Heather to adopt me already.

Heather’s nanny joins them for dinner and she saves Heather from her own kids. The kids leave and Heather tells Terry they should get a dog since they’re in a rental home. Basically, it’ll be a perfect place to get a head start on potty training the pooches! Lol

Vicki is trying to be the Shannon Whisperer and arranges for them all to go horseback riding. She’s hoping to help bring back the romance into Shannon’s and David’s marriage. Good luck with that Vicki.

Vicki gives us all a good laugh and says she believes she could be a marriage counselor in her next life. All of a sudden one good year with Brooks, gives Vicki these crazy thoughts that she’s some relationship expert.

Lizzie is meeting with an owner of a swimwear boutique to present her swimsuit line and look book. Lizzie reveals that her father was the one who gave her $100,000 for her swim line so she feels she HAS to make sure it is successful. Lizzie feels nobody believes in her and sees her line as a hobby.

Lizzie’s bikinis are okay. I mean they aren’t really anything wow. Shannon and David (courtesy of Vicki) are having lunch together by the river. Shannon and David start talking about their fight the night before. David mentions Shannon brining up the tequila drinking and she says he’s different when he drinks tequila.

David says he’s tired of Shannon always complaining about wanting to spend more time with him and pulls away when she complains about it. David feels like he’s failed but all it really sounds like is he doesn’t want to spend time with Shannon like she does with him.

David really seems checked out. I think he likes the idea of a family and being married, but that’s it. He looks content without all the romance and getaways. Shannon is crying and I feel bad for her. These two need to start seeing a therapist like ASAP!

Tamra and Eddie are STILL talking about Astro. My gosh. Make it stop. Eddie and Tamra have to call the company to see how they did as parents of a robot baby. Tamra took care of the baby the most and the end result is Eddie still doesn’t want to have any children, so can this lame storyline please go away?!

Back in Mexico, it’s time for couples dinner. Brooks being a housewife asks David which couple is his least favorite. David revealed that he was disappointed in what Tamra did, but he doesn’t have a favorite couple. Shannon is upset for trusting Tamra, but she’s more angry at herself than Tamra.

Brooks shares his heroic story of battling the TamMonster when he caught her giving Vicki the “evil eye.” Vicki tells Shannon that she’ll never trust Tamra the same way again after Tamra didn’t have her back with the Brooks drama.

Heather surprises her kids with two beautiful puppies. They are seriously the cutest pups ever. I wish Bravo would have spent more time letting us watch the puppies run around, than watch Tamra’s fake baby.

Vicki is back to work! Tamra comes in with coffee and bad bangs, to catch up with Vicki. Tamra starts telling Vicki about the Shannon drama. Once again Tamra lies about the Shannon email story when she repeats it to Vicki.

Tamra is trying to switch it around and say a Heather betrayed her trust. Tamra is really a sick minded person. She gets caught doing something and then tries turning herself into the victim. Vicki says Tamra has destructive behaviors that hurt people.

Next week Vicki and Heather discuss Shannon and the drama finally gets interesting!

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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