RHOC Recap: Heather Dubrow Argues With Tamra Barney And Shannon Beador; Vicki Gunvalson Sides With Heather!



Tonight’s episode we see Shannon getting ready for her Christmas party. Although she has gorgeous x-mas decor and an extravagant house, Shannon admits that she tries to keep her party budget as low as possible. We’ll see how that works out. Tamra is at her doctor’s office with her son Ryan and she says Eddie wants her to stop with her young obsession aka her botox and youth doctor. All in all everything turns out okay with Tamra. But Ryan, well that’s another story. The doctor tells him he could pretty much drop dead at any minute if he keeps taking whatever supplements he’s putting into his body.

Heather is at Good Day LA to promote Hawaii 5-0. Heather’s such a natural when it comes to talking and she even seems like she could be a politician. LOL One of the hosts for Good Day LA is going on maternity leave, so they offer Heather an opportunity to fill in — perfect!

Tamra and Eddie are making dinner and talking about Ryan’s blood results. While Tamra is telling Eddie the news, he doesn’t look too surprised. Tamra hopes that this will be a wake-up call for Ryan. Shannon is making sure everything is in place before the ladies arrive and her house looks gorgeous. Too bad Shannon needs to calm down and reeeelaaaaax! LOL

Heather and Terry are waiting for their car to arrive and Heather is getting good feedback on Twitter from fans about Hawaii 5-0. Heather feels she started having problems with Shannon, when Shannon started hanging out with Tamra and Vicki more.

Tamra and Eddie arrive and Shannon tells Tamra how her meeting with Heather went. Shannon says Heather is an actress so she doubts the authenticity of her words. OUCH. What’s even worse is Tamra agrees. Double OUCH. While everyone is going in for dinner, Heather pulls Eddie and Tamra to the side to give them the good news about her temp gig on Good Day LA, and while Eddie is excited, Tamra brings up another time Heather was co-hosting and she had another fitness studio on there.

Heather is annoyed that Tamra is bringing that up and she’s really going in on Tamra for acting like a brat about it. Heather pretty much just slays Tamra with her intelligence and Tamra seems taken aback. Tamra is used to fighting dirty and Heather just makes her look dumb each time. I don’t think Tamra is used to losing at arguing.

Eddie interrupts Tamra and Heather going back and forth and says Heather is a good friend and he’s over the topic. Thank gosh for Eddie! Everyone is eating dinner and Vicki tells a gay man he doesn’t look gay. I can’t with Vicki. She’s too funny. Heather and Vicki go to the other room to talk since Tamra and Terry are being so loud.

Vicki tells Heather that she isn’t okay about Briana moving and she reveals she cries every night. Poor Vicki. Heather might be a lot of things, but she is definitely a good with friend, who genuinely cares about what her friends are going through.

Danielle, Lizzie, Tamra and Shannon are all sitting together in one of Shannon’s many room, and Tamra uses that opportunity to bash Heather again about the whole fitness Good Day LA thing. Tamra is trying to get people to gossip about Heather and Shannon is ready to hate Heather for this. Lizzie is the only one with her own mind and seeing the glass half full instead of half empty.

Tamra then brings up how Heather asked her to pick a side between Shannon and Heather. Shannon tells the girls about her lunch with Heather and how they agreed to address stuff right away, so Shannon thinks it’s a good time to confront Heather about asking Tamra to pick a side.

Heather finally walks into the room after the ladies have been smack talking about her along with Vicki and it’s awkwardly quiet. Lizzie is the only one who grows a pair and calls the ladies out for them talking crap about Heather and Tamra and Shannon are pissed. If Tamra and Shannon are going to spend so much time talking smack, they might as well say it to the person’s face.

Tamra tells Heather she still doesn’t believe her about the fitness studio and Shannon is jumping in and I’m starting to see a side of Shannon I do not like. Shannon whether it’s her husband or Heather it seems she is always in the mood to fight with someone. Vicki is staying out of it and she’s annoyed that Tamra is not shutting up about something.

Tamra tries bringing Terry’s name into it so Terry calls her bluff and brings Terry into the room. Heather once again is making Tamra look stupid and Tamra is even quiet and finally gets mad and leaves the room. Just don’t Tamra. You are not a match for Heather. LOL Vicki brings up a good point when she says maybe she should be mad since NONE of the ladies including her “BFF” Tamra, have bought insurance from her. Tamra just likes fighting.

Tamra tells Danielle she feels that Heather is always right and the best part of it is when Heather walks up to that conversation and tells Tamra she doesn’t like her and still gives her a hug. Heather is so mature. I don’t think I would say bye if someone did that to me.

When Heather leaves, Shannon praises Tamra for standing up to Heather. Shannon looks like she is the one who is obsessed now with fighting with Heather. Vicki is leaving and she tells Tamra she’s on Heather’s side and in her interview she says Tamra should be grateful that she’s getting the “gift” of a free commercial. Couldn’t agree more.

That’s it for tonight. Next week, Heather and Tamra face off again and Shannon talks divorce!

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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