RHONY Recap: Ramona Singer Ruins An Engagement Party; And Sonja Morgan Goes On A Drunken Rant!


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It’s Tuesday! Let the races and drama begin! Tonight’s episode starts off with Aviva, Cody (her future stepmom) and Sonja, hanging out. Cody is actually there to give the girls a manicure since she runs a very successful nail salon. Aviva then starts asking Cody about how sex is with her father and it’s disgusting. I don’t know what daughter wants to know about their dad’s sex life. Gross.

Cody reveals Aviva’s dad George wants her to wait until she’s 35 to have kids and the ladies think it’s a great idea. Over at Kristen’s she is looking for a hat for the Saratoga Horse Races. Sonja and Luann join the hat party and I know Kristen is the “model” of the group, but I think Sonja is absolutely STUNNING. Sonja throws some shade at Luann’s “pumpkin head,” and it’s kind of funny. At least Luann is a good sport about it.

Aviva is with her husband Reid at the Museum of Sex for her father’s engagement party. All the ladies show up and Ramona is complaining about how young George’s new fiance is. George and his fiance show up and Ramona is annoyed. Ramona thinks that George is looking at her like he wants to eat her and Mario is her witness to prove it. Le sigh. Ramona and Mario are drama queens.

Ramona starts talking to Cody and tells her to appraise her ring. All is going well until Ramona starts being nosey and questioning Cody and pretty much questions her motives for getting engaged to George and is very insensitive to Cody not having parents. Ramona knows she’s messed up and immediately gets Mario so they can leave.

Heather, Kristen, and Carole ask Cody what happened and they are shocked, but not really THAT shocked about how Ramona behaved. After Ramona leaves, Aviva gives a toast to lighten up the mood and surprisingly everyone seemed to get along better when Ramona left.

Sonja meets Luann to go bike riding and Sonja is hilarious! After Sonja falls off the bike (LOL) her and Luann have a little afternoon picnic and Luann asks how George and Cody’s engagement party went. Sonja fills Luann in on what Ramona did and Luann is annoyed that Sonja puts up with Ramona and cares less about their friendship. Sonja should distance herself from Ramona and spend more time with Luann.

The ladies are getting ready to head to the races and they are all looking fabulous. Ramona and Aviva aren’t there and Ramona visits Aviva to apologize and it kind of sounds like she’s justifying her behavior a little bit. Ramona thinks that Cody may only be with George because she’s vulnerable right now since she lost her parents. BUTT OUT RAMONA.

George walks in while Ramona is there and Ramona is freaking out. Her face is PRICELESS! George tells Ramona he feels bad for how he acted last season at her party and Ramona is surprised because she was prepared to battle. Ramona tells George if he really loves Cody he needs to let her go and live her life. George is trying to be nice and Ramona keeps bashing him.

George tells Ramona how hurt Cody was and Aviva has already asked her to stop calling him names. Ramona thinks Cody is only being with George because she has no parents. Ramona needs to shut up. She literally just told George he should just sleep with a newborn. Disgusting. George and Ramona compete with who is more disgusting and keep going back and forth. George even goes a step further and accuses Ramona of being a racist.

Ramona finally leaves because she feels she is being abused. The word “abused” is now the new “bully” for these housewives. The ladies arrive to the races and Sonja is ready to pounce on the jockeys. LOL The best line is when Sonja tells Luann that she’s so much bigger than the jockey that she would roll over and kill him. The women are placing their bets and Sonja is continuing to get wasted. This is going to get good.

The ladies all decide to bet $50 and Sonja reveals she was only planning on betting TWO DOLLARS! Really Sonja?! LOL The best part of it all is that Sonja also claims she is an expert at betting at the races. And they’re off! The ladies place their bets and they actually WON! Poor Sonja didn’t bet with them so she didn’t win anything.

The ladies won over $3,000 dollars and you can tell Sonja is annoyed. Sonja leaves the ladies as they are celebrating their win and they decide to look for her but Sonja is nowhere to be found. The women head back home and get ready to go out to celebrate their winnings and Sonja is still not home. Sonja finally comes home and she’s emotional and drunk. Bad combo.

Sonja accuses the girls of leaving her and they tried explaining to her that, that’s not what happened. Sonja is still screaming at everyone and Kristen goes upstairs to talk to Sonja, but Sonja is not in the mood. I’m sure it’s not helping that Kristen is pretty much laughing in Sonja’s face.

Sonja is talking to herself in the bathroom and the ladies are over Sonja being mean drunk. Sonja grabs her luggage and decides she wants to leaves.

Next week, it looks like Sonja stays and continues drinking.

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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