RHOC Recap: Vicki Gunvalson Doesn’t Want Briana To Move; And Heather Dubrow And Shannon Beador Meet Face To Face!


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It’s Monday! Let’s get to it! Tonight we start off at Shannon’s house and her and her family are getting ready to take their Christmas card photos. Over with Fancy Pants, The Dubrows are taking an annual family photo, but Coco is not having it. LOL As everyone is doing their individual shots, Heather is directing the photo shoot and I don’t know how those kids are managing to stay so calm. She was even driving me nuts! Both Shannon’s and Heather’s photos came out great, and both ladies even admit in their interviews that they don’t like where their relationship is right now.

Tamra is talking with her son Ryan and she’s telling him how she’s met with an anti-aging doctor because she wants to fight getting older. Ryan then reveals that he’s taking his own drugs off the street that are helping his body. Tamra says Ryan has always had body image issues and I’m pretty sure he got them from her. So sad to see.

Vicki is in Oklahoma City to see Briana and she doesn’t look happy to be there. Briana thinks that her being out in Oklahoma will get Vicki to see her more. So dumb. She acts like her mother is never there for her. Vicki is concerned about Ryan being able to support Briana and Ryan tells her that serving in the military is the most important job.

Vicki is with Ryan and Briana looking at homes and all Vicki can think about is the tornadoes in Oklahoma. Heather and Coco are meeting Lizzie and her son for a playdate, and Lizzie’s son is throwing a tantrum and hitting her. I feel so badly for her, and I’m sure EVERY mom feels her pain. LOL Lizzie is sitting with Heather and asking her how much is too much when it comes to Vicki, Heather is having a hard time answering her since she has her own problems with Vicki.

Heather feels that Vicki and Tamra are taking Shannon’s side, and she doesn’t like that Shannon talks about her so much. While still looking for homes, Vicki starts crying because of all the changes that are happening with Briana leaving her. Tamra is taking Ryan to the doctor with her and she hopes Dr. Lee can talk some sense into him.

Lizzie is going to Shannon’s house for a makeup lesson, and I have to agree with Lizzie when she says she’s a beauty queen and doesn’t need all the lesson — those girls know all the tricks! Shannon invited all the girls, but only Danielle and Lizzie were able to make it. Shannon gives the ladies a tour of her home and Lizzie and Danielle have fun taking the elevator. Must be nice Shannon!

The girls begin doing their makeup lesson and Shannon reveals that she had a really big nose, but ended up having a nose/chin combo surgery. The subject then turns to Heather and Shannon doesn’t think that Heather is the kind of person that will admit to anything if they sit down and have a conversation.

Vicki and her daughter’s family are at dinner and Ryan tries to trick Vicki into eating testicles. EW. Vicki is grilling Ryan and Briana about moving especially since Briana’s pregnant, and Ryan is getting snappy with Vicki. Vicki sucks it up and decides to be the bigger person and let Ryan and Briana make their own decision. Good job Vicki.

Lizzie is at her sisters house and it was only a walk away because they both live on the same street! I love my family, but I don’t want them as my neighbors. LOL Good for Lizzie and her sister though. Lizzie is discussing having other kids because she wants a girl. Over at Shannon’s, Heather calls her and asks to meet her for drinks so they can talk.

Heather and Shannon meet and Shannon tells Heather she feels singled out by her and she feels Heather speaks to her in a condescending way. Heather confronts Shannon about her yelling at her and Shannon denies ever doing that and is irritated that Heather is even accusing her of yelling. Heather admits to overreacting about the chair and regrets doing so, but I don’t think that’s good enough for Shannon.

Shannon thinks Heather is trying to manipulate her and Heather is getting annoyed. Heather tells Shannon she feels that she excludes her and Shannon thinks Heather talks down to people. The ladies cheers to moving forward, but I don’t think this is the end.

Well, that was it for tonight’s epsiode. Next week’s looks MUCH better!

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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