RHONY Recap: Ramona Singer Throws Her Glass At Kristen Taekman’s Face; And Calls Kristen A Bitch!



We start tonight’s episode off with Sonja visiting Kristen, so she can get some business advice from Kristen’s husband Josh. Josh is trying to explain to Sonja what she needs to do in order to get her ducks in a row, but Sonja is delusional and doesn’t want to listen. She keeps talking over him, and you can tell he’s getting so frustrated with her. Sonja keeps going on and on about all these connections called “friends,” who do this and that, yet financially, she’s at her worst. Kristen comes back as Sonja and Josh are finishing up, and as soon as Sonja leaves, Josh tells Kristen that Sonja is delusional, and she doesn’t listen.

Carole is visiting her home in Beverly Hills, while her apartment in NYC, is getting a facelift. Her house is stunning, and her dog is adorable. Carole’s friends come over, and she tells them about a guy she was going to date, but instead the guy broke up with her via voicemail. OUCH. Mind you, this guy, also broke up with Carole before he even went on a date with her! Double ouch.

Over in NYC, Ramona and her gay husband Shane, and Mario, are meeting Heather, Kristen, and Luann and their husbands for dinner. Ramona does not want to sit next to Kristen, and the tension between them is awkward. Heather finally arrives and announces to the husbands that she is kidnapping their wives for a getaway, which makes Mario so happy. VERY AWKARD. I’m sure Mario kept busy during that time when Ramona was away.

Ramona is annoyed that they are going to the Berkshires because all the cool kids, go to the Hamptons. Ramona says since she is a good friend that she will go. Heather tells the table that everyone is going on the trip except Aviva, because she is away. The conversation then turns to Sonja. Luann makes a joke that Sonja is scared to leave her home because they might take it away from her before she gets back. LOL

Ramona is getting annoyed that Kristen is even talking about Sonja and her products. Josh then starts talking smack about Sonja and her products, which further annoys Ramona. Luann thinks that none of the men should be talking about any of the ladies. I don’t think Josh should have been talking about Sonja at the dinner table in front of everyone. That was embarrassing.

Kristen and Carole are hanging out with a matchmaker. Carole feels she’s been dating the same guy for ten years. This matchmaker is kind of creepy, and he seems like he’s interested in Carole. Carole is such a catch, I hope she finds someone soon. Sonja with a sexy j is joining Luann at Yoga. Ramona comes in later, and I must say, even thought the ladies are the oldest in the class, their bodies are insane.

After class, the ladies discuss the trip. Ramona doesn’t want to go because it’s not glamorous. She then says her reason for not wanting to go, is because it reminds her of her childhood. I just don’t think Ramona wants to go somewhere that’s not as fabulous as the Hamptons. I don’t think it has anything to do with her childhood.

And they’re off! Luann, Sonja, and Ramona are in one car heading to the Berkshires. Heather tells Ramona that she doesn’t have AC, and Ramona looks like she is holding herself back from telling Heather off, and bailing out on the trip. Kristen and Carole are driving up, and Kristen tells Carole she doesn’t think Ramona likes her. Uhhh, ya think? The woman threw a drink in your face.

Ramona and Sonja are in the car terrified, because Luann is a terrible driver, who is almost hitting every car on the road. We finally get to see Heather’s home. It is lovely, and not at all, how Ramona was making it sound — like a cabin in the woods.

The ladies arrive, and Heather has everything setup so nice for them. Ramona is already complaining about it being so hot, and says that her room is “boiling.” Maybe it’s just me, but I wouldn’t be inviting anyone to my home on a hot summer weekend, with NO AIR CONDITIONING. I’d probably be acting like Ramona. LOL

The doorbell rings, and it’s Ramona’s Superman with her air conditioning! Kristen thinks it’s rude of Ramona to get air conditioning delivered, but Heather makes light of it, and lets it go. While the other ladies are exploring Heather’s land, Ramona and Sonja are cooling off by their new AC unit.

Finally the ladies are ready to have fun. Heather takes the ladies to swim in a lake, and Ramona doesn’t want to swim, because she’s just gotten her hair done. Ramona is complaining because she thinks a magical bellhop is going to appear and carry her stuff for her. Ramona even makes a comment about Luann being a man and being able to carry her own stuff, and I’m done. LOL

The ladies head off in their canoes, and of course, Ramona isn’t paddling, she’s letting Carole and Sonja do all the work. The ladies are in the middle of the lake fishing, and Ramona is being bossy pants as usual, and telling Heather how she needs to get comfier canoes.

Ramona wants all the ladies to be quiet, which is funny since she’s the one talking the most. Kristen and Heather decide that they are going to swim, while Carole catches a fish and scares Ramona with it. Carole, Sonja, and Ramona are in one canoe, and Ramona tells Sonja how Josh (Kristen’s husband) was bashing Sonja at couple’s dinner. Heather overhears Ramona talking crap about Kristen which annoys Heather.

Ramona is going on and on about Kristen, and little does she know, Kristen and Heather are listening to EVERYTHING. Finally, Kristen starts splashing the ladies, and Ramona is pissed. She calls Kristen and bitch and throws her glass in her face. OMG. Is Ramona’s hair THAT serious, that she had to throw glass in Kristen’s face?

Kristen’s lip is bleeding from the glass, and Ramona could care less. She keeps calling Kristen a bitch and paddles off with Sonja. Ramona says she only had her glass in her hand, so she threw it, and pretty much doesn’t care.

Next week, Ramona gets caught lying!

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