RHOC Recap: Tamra Barney Wants To Have A Baby; And Vicki Reveals She Is Back Together With Brooks!



We start tonight’s episode off right back where we left off — dinner. Heather and Tamra confront Vicki about Brooks and Vicki admits that she is seeing him still and also that they both went to counseling separately and then made the decision to get back together. Vicki says that Brooks said he’s not going anywhere. Oh, I’m sure it’s going to take more than Briana crying, to keep Brooks from his piggy bank. Tamra says she is willing to give Brooks another shot, and she says Vicki is trying to prove everyone wrong about Brooks.

Vicki says she’s sad that Briana can’t get along with Brooks, and she should feels sad that instead she chooses to be with a man who wanted a man to abuse her daughter. Vicki is an idiot. The ladies finish dinner and they head out to try and get fancy pants into some fun. Vicki and Tamra have friends in town, but Heather is tired from working on Hawaii Five-O. Vicki thinks Heather is boring.

Over at Tamra’s she is getting her house ready for her party, and asks Eddie to hang her drapes. Tamra’s house is really nice, and since her kids are with Simon for Halloween, she is having all the Witchy housewives (No Carlton) coming over. Tamra reveals that she wants to get a Ouija board for the party and says that, that’s how she found out she was pregnant with Ryan. YIKES. LOL Tamra talks more about kids with Eddie and says if they can’t have one together, she would like to use a surrogate or even adopt.

Vicki shows up to Tamra’s house early the day of the party so they can get their makeup done. Side note, Tamra is wearing “Shadow Shields” and they work fabulously! Okay, Tamra’s makeup comes out looking awesome, while Vicki’s is nice, but for a Halloween party, it’s the same way she always does it — smokey eye and a nude lip. Shannon and Heather are coming in a limo together to the party, and Heather has an evil eye (third eye) covering up her blemish in the middle of her forehead. Well, played Heather!

The ladies meet Shannon, and she is totally Camille Grammer season 1. Tamra has her house set up really great, I love all the decorations, but I agree with Shannon, where’s the food at? Vicki is talking about loving to be touched and everyone looks uncomfortable knowing someone is touched. Shannon and Vicki are getting along, and Tamra is shocked, since Vicki never likes anyone right away.

Shannon shares with the ladies that her husband makes time to go out of town, just not with her. Heather is worried that Shannon shouldn’t be sharing so much with some of the ladies, but I personally don’t think she said anything bad. Listening to Shannon, Tamra says her story sounds familiar, and of course they start playing clips of her ex husband Simon.

The ladies go inside to visit the tarot card reader, and Vicki is trying to act uber religious about it, until Heather tells her to relax, and it’s all fun. Vicki is hilarious. She uses to Ouija board to ask it if she’s going to like the new girl, Shannon. “She’s Aries.” The ladies are all getting along, and it’s nice to see.

Over at Shannon’s she’s telling her husband how things went at Tamra’s spook party, and how nobody eats. LOL Poor Shannon, I feel her. I’d be the fattest housewife if I were on the show, I need my food. Shannon is trying to talk to her husband, and he kind of pauses her when she tries talking to him. Vicki is at home with her son Michael and although she says they “connect,” he doesn’t even seem like he likes her. He’s such an a-hole. Like Vicki is just making small talk, and he’s acting like a bratty high school kid.

Heather, Shannon, and Tamra are out to dinner, and Shannon really seems very calm. Shannon tells the girls she is holistic and she has jewels in her mouth, oh and Shannon also saved a nation in a past life. Heather starts her opinion to Shannon, “people like you,” and Tamra tries telling her not to say that, and Heather snaps that it’s not rude. Umm.. Heather that was VERY rude.

Shannon is funny. I like her so far. She’s not over the top, and is just normal, which is admitting to some of her crazy tendencies. Tamra tells the ladies she doesn’t like having her kids only half of the time, and she starts crying about wanting to have kids. Heather in this scene is annoying. Heather puts her two cents in things that she has NO experience about. You can’t give advice on something you have never been through, all you can do is be supportive.

Vicki is meeting with her therapist, and Vicki tells him the issue she is having with her daughter Briana not accepting Brooks. Vicki starts crying about her kids, and how she’s having a hard time letting go. The therapist thinks that Briana has a lot of control over Vicki’s relationship, due to Vicki letting her. I don’t know why Vicki is so in love with Brooks, she picked the first frog she could find, it seems.

Shannon is getting things ready for her dinner party, and she has a full staff helping her out. Lucky girl! Shannon is getting annoyed with her husband, because he only got two bottles of wine. Clearly he’s not familiar with the housewives and their wine. Heather and Terry are getting ready to leave to Shannon’s and little Colette is so adorable.

Vicki arrives first and she admits she doesn’t like going to dinner parties without a man. Shannon’s house is gorgeous, and she’s definitely giving fancy pants a run for her money. Shannon and her husband seem a little tense with each other, but hey, that’s reality. I’m sure there is tons of footage of them getting along, but them fighting over potatoes was probably better.

Vicki is talking with Shannon’s husband and he tells her he has a sister named Vicki so he wants to call her Lauri. Vicki is so funny, and flips out (in a funny way) over him saying that name. While Shannon and her husband are in the kitchen fighting about potatoes, the rest of the ladies and their men are awkwardly listening in the other room. Shannon and her husband finally join the other couples and it is so awkward that I’m smiling in amazement.

Next week, the dinner party continues and the girls are getting sick of Fancy Pants Dubrow.

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