WATCH: Nancy Grace SLAMS Tamra Barney For Neglecting Her Daughter’s Hygiene; Tamra Responds!



This week has officially been the worst week of Tamra Barney’s life. Not only is she dealing with every news outlet reporting that she is a horrible mom, who neglects her kids, now, Nancy Grace herself has given her take on the matter, and she is fired up! Take a look at the clip below

That’s not all. Former RHONY Alex McCord, also was on the show to defend Tamra, and she says, “Well it’s really easy to get caught up in filming and when the producers say, ‘Come on we need you, we need you to take a trip, we need you to go away, we need you to film for hours –‘”

Nancy immediately shut her down by saying she gets caught up too, but she still takes her children a bath. Nancy tells Alex, “What are you saying, it’s easy to get caught up in filming? Filming that? What? They all get drunk and start a fight. Filming what?”

Alex went on to say if Tamra doesn’t have a nanny full-time at home when she has custody of the kids, then Simon can go after her. Alex shared, “I know that Simon wants to keep her from filming with the kids, so he is gonna do whatever it takes to get full custody and get them out of her house and off camera.”

Nancy also said that neglect happens to kids who are rich and poor. Nancy also refused to believe Tamra’s side of the story when one of the defense attorney’s was trying to explain to her that this is a heated custody battle and she shouldn’t take it as the truth.

Tamra reportedly has the kids Monday morning to Wednesday morning. While Simon has them Wednesday afternoon to Friday morning, and they alternate weekends.

Tamra had the following to say about Nancy Grace’s remarks,


I honestly feel so bad for Tamra’s youngest. I have a son, and I know how cruel kids can be, and now their poor daughter is in the news for her hygiene. I’ll bet that all this probably happened ONE time, and Simon immediately went to the court and news outlets making it seem like it’s their every day life. What are your guys’ thoughts on all this?

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