Dance Moms Recap: Abby’s New Team Is Revealed; And The New Moms Clash With The Old Moms!



It’s finally time for the mid-season finale. Tonight’s episode we see the girls send their condolences to Abby about the loss of her mother. Abby is very sad, but she’s still in the mood to introduce the girls to the new team full of Maddie’s. Abby does the pyramid, and Chloe is at the bottom for getting fifth, when she was able to get second or third. If Chloe would have placed second or third, she would have still put Chloe last for not getting first. Anyways the new team comes in and according to Abby they are amazing, but Kira, Kalani’s mom, knows one of the girls, and apparently this girl never even makes the top 5! That’s not a Maddie, Abby.

Abby says she’s chosen a girl on the new team for each girl to compete with on the old team. Again, that makes no sense if they are all supposed to be amazing Maddie’s. Melissa is pissed because one of the moms is a lady named Christy, and it’s the same Christy who she just kicked out of her home at the video shoot, and the same Christy who told her that her daughter can beat Mackenzie.

After introducing the new team, Abby reveals that Maddie will no longer be on her old team, in fact, she will now be on the new team. How is Abby going to say these new girls are so amazing, and a team full of “Maddie’s,” yet she needs Maddie to help the new team? That makes ZERO sense. The old moms (LOL) go upstairs to discuss Abby’s latest stunt. The moms are pissed Abby moved Maddie to the new team and Melissa doesn’t get it considering the moms always complain about Maddie.

The new moms and the old moms go downstairs because Master Abby wants to talk to them. Abby is letting the moms know how their girls are doing and the new mom Christy gets defensive because Abby slams her daughter’s posture. The new moms then begin to argue because Christy won’t shut her mouth, and the old moms are laughing because Abby’s new team, with her new moms, has backfired in her face.

The new girls are practicing their solos and duos. Cameron, the new dancer, is going up against Chloe, and you can tell Abby wants Cameron to beat Chloe so badly. The new moms and Melissa are upstairs talking about Abby. Melissa suggests that they should all not fight, since Abby isn’t in a good space. Well, Christy with a Y doesn’t think that’s a good excuse, and she should still be able to get defensive. Oh gawwwd this woman is annoying.

The old moms are walking into the studio as the new moms are coming out. Kira’s enemy from Arizona tries being nice, but Kira isn’t buying it. She’s had so much drama with this lady that she’s not in the mood to have small chat. The moms are upstairs and they ask Melissa about the new girls’ dances and she says she wasn’t really watching? Yeah right Melissa. LOL The moms want Melissa to spy on the other dances for them and it really doesn’t look like Melissa wants to.

Kalani and Kendall are doing a fun duet, and from the looks of it, it looks like they have a shot. Chloe is practicing her solo and it looks fabulous. I hope she does just as fabulous onstage. It’s one day till competition and the new team is practicing their group routine. The new moms are upstairs watching their girls practice, and none of the moms are feeling Christy with a Y.

Melissa is trying to be nice with the new moms, and Christy is being crazy, so she leaves. I do find it funny however that Melissa reveals to Maddie that the new moms are less drama than the old moms. LOL Chloe is practicing her solo and Abby is being so rude and is on her phone. Christi feels that the new mom and her daughter are very arrogant and think they are going to just come in and beat Chloe.

Abby has the new team doing a lyrical number, while her old team is doing a jazz routine to Lorde’s song, “Royals.” Abby is too obvious and it’s annoying. Everyone is the dance world knows a fabulously performed lyrical can take down anything. The moms are annoyed because Abby has spent all day at the studio with the new team, and she hasn’t spent hardly any time with her old team, and is now tired, so they just have to deal with it.

The new moms are out celebrating their daughters being temps at the Abby Lee Dance Studio. The old team shows up and Melissa admits to them that the old team is her team. The new moms are actually being nice, but the other moms are not having it. Kira is going crazy again on the new mom and it this mom could actually be everything she says she is, but Kira looks like the bad one because she is the only one constantly arguing with the new mom.

The new mom is crazy, because Kira is pretty much telling her over and over again her daughter sucks in so many words. It’s competition day. Abby says she hopes the girls all do well, but I’m calling BS. She wants the new team to win so she can say, “I told you so.” Tracy (new mom) wants her daughter to prove herself, and Abby eggs Kira on by asking Kira if her Arizona friend needs anything, she’ll help her. LOL Oh Abby.

It’s time duets to perform. The new girls are up first. Their costumes are a lot darker than the song. The song is a happy song, and the girls are dressed in dark purple in black. The girls are performing and their dance is okay. It’s a lot of tricks and easy movements. It really didn’t look like an Abby duet. Next up, is Kendall and Kalani. They are both really beautiful girls. Their routine is a little more upbeat and has some hip hop moves in it, which is hilarious because Abby knows from her show, Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, that Kalani doesn’t do hip hop!

All in all the duet was good, but not great. The moms go back into the dressing room, and Cathy Apples walks in and starts questioning Abby why she has two teams. Abby starts yelling at her to get out, and Cathy won’t leave. Abby picks up a trash can and threatens to dump it on Cathy, and I’m so sad she didn’t do it.

The solos are up next, and Chloe and new girl Cameron are competing against each other. Abby is worried about the new girl and doesn’t really care about looking at Chloe. So sad. Cameron is up first to perform, and I would love to know which competitions she goes to, to win all these titles, because she is NO MADDIE. I thought she was going to someone that would even give Maddie a run for her money, but I wasn’t that impressed. She was a good little dancer, but not amazing like Maddie.

Chloe is up next and you can tell she’s nervous. Chloe performs she is stunning. I think this is one of her best performances ever. Her turns were controlled, and her arms were beautiful. She blew that new girl out of the water. The moms are all in the dressing room getting ready for their group dance. The THING (Christy) asks Melissa to come and pray, and she’s being so passive aggressive. She starts fighting with Abby because Abby doesn’t want Melissa in the room with the other moms since she needs to get Mackenzie ready.

Christy then calls Abby a liar and Abby loses it and throws poor little Sarah out of the dance. This girl Sarah got thrown out of Melissa’s house last week at the video shoot, and this week she’s getting kicked out of the group dance, all because of her mother’s big mouth. The new moms are stressed after Abby kicks out Christy, and Tracy is seriously going to throw up.

The groups performances are next, and just like the old team, Abby is counting on Maddie for the new team. The new team is up first and their dance is pretty, but I don’t think the new team is a team full of Maddies, nor do I think they are better than the old team. Maddie was the star of the dance.

The old team is up next, and I just feel so bad looking at them in their little maid costumes. The girls begin dancing and I’m thrown off cause I thought they were supposed to be dancing to Royals? Am I crazy? I hear the word in the song, but it’s not the one I thought it would be. The girls looked great in their dance and they were together. I hope they win.

It’s time for awards. They announce Kalani and Kendall’s duo comes in third, while the new girl’s duo comes in second. Bad karma for Kira to see the little girl that supposedly sucks, beat her daughter. The group awards are next, and the old team comes in second, while the new team takes first. The new team only took first in both because of the routines they were given. Abby is an idiot.

The solos are being announced and the new girl Cameron comes in third place, while Chloe brings it home with and comes in FIRST PLACE! Go Chloe! Abby is actually clapping for her and says she’s proud of her. All the moms and girls go back to the dressing room, and Abby congratulates both teams and tells the girls she has to go to attend her mom’s funeral in Miami.

The season ends on a happy note, and next week the moms and girls return for a mini reunion.

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let’s discuss!

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