Dance Moms Recap: Candy Apples Tries Bribing The Judges; But Abby’s Girls Still Take Home First Place!



We start tonight’s episode off with Abby congratulating the girls on their 11th win in a row. Abby announces that Kalani and her mom Kira will be taking over Kelly’s position on the team, and Leslie is LIVID. She goes off on Abby, and doesn’t get why Abby is playing these mind games with her. Abby goes through the pyramid, and explains how all of the girls need to work harder, except Queen Maddie, whose performance was “better than any broadway show,” according to Abby. Abby reveals the person at the top of the pyramid, and it isn’t Maddie, it’s actually KELLY! Abby and the moms all have a laugh about it as Abby says something snarky about Kelly, and Christi is not amused. Abby then reveals that Kelly actually has two pieces of the costume, and Christi needs to get them back. Funny, cause wasn’t it Abby who was threatening the ladies not to talk to Kelly or their kids will be punished? I see that rule is only good for when it benefits her.

The moms are upstairs talking about the costumes, and Holly knows that they aren’t getting them back, which means two of the girls will have to be cut from the number. Over at Granny Apples, Cathy is rehearsing choreography that someone else did for her. Cathy is like a chef that never cooks, but then heats up the meal when it gets cold, and then presents it as her own. Anyways, Cathy’s dancers are having a little bit of trouble, and she’s worried because she really wants to beat Abby this week.

Leslie is talking to Abby about how she’s trying to get the costume from Kelly, and Leslie is worried that Payton will be the one left out of the dance, so she calls Kelly and leaves another voicemail. LOL Don’t hold your breath Leslie. I doubt Kelly is just going to give a costume back to two women she hates. Abby is getting frustrated because the moms understand why Kelly isn’t responding, and Abby snaps at Melissa and then demands that Christi call Kelly. Christi says no, and the two exchange more loving words. Christi shuts Abby up when Abby tries saying her and her husband cuss at each other in their home, (who cares if they do Abby) Christi tells Abby she knows nothing because she’s not invited over, because they don’t let trash walk through their door. OUCH.

Abby is so funny, the only thing she’s going to do and can do, is continue to take her anger out on Chloe. And I think it pisses her off that Christi knows she can’t do anything about her being on the team. Cathy is talking with her lunch school friends, I mean moms, about the ALDC moms, and how annoying their voices are. Really Cathy? You seem a little obsessive with these moms. The girls at ALDC are practicing their group dance, and Abby is in a bad mood, because of Christi. Chloe is crying, because Abby announces that Christi said the “F-word” 17 times at her front desk. Shockingly, Abby says, “Chloe, it’s not your fault, you are a wonderful kid.” That was the shocking quote of the night.

The moms agree that Abby needs to leave whatever drama is going on among them, OUTSIDE the studio. Abby is still mad at Christi, but I think that’s a permanent emotion, so it’s no surprise. There are only four costumes, but Abby is considering only letting three of the girls perform the group dance. That means four girls will be left in the cold. Payton is practicing her solo, and Leslie is ranting about how Abby doesn’t recognize how great she is. Why the heck does Leslie want her noticeably big daughter, dancing with kids? She’s like Shaq compared to those girls. They just want to be on TV, they don’t care about the team.

Kalani is doing her solo, and Leslie is mad that none of the moms are mad at Kira and Kalani for stealing all of the spotlight. Oh gosh Leslie, can it, please! Why are they going to fight with someone, who isn’t fighting with them? The moms are showing Abby their costumes, and she is still annoyed cause Christi has the power to get the costumes back, and Abby has no power in this situation. LOL Leslie is still complaining, and Kira finally snaps and reminds Leslie that she’s not apart of the team, and is just a guest. Abby has finally had enough and asks Leslie to leave.

It’s competition day! The competition is in Ohio, so Cathy has decided to fill the audience with every student from her studio. The girls are getting ready, and Leslie tells Abby that Payton’s costume is too small. Leslie is mad because she thinks Abby doesn’t ever pay attention to Payton, and she wasted all this time paying attention to Kalani. Leslie then says that Kalani is just going to use Abby’s name and quit. Leslie is such a headache, and seriously needs to put it on mute. Leslie drops the f-bomb, and Abby has had enough. She asks both Leslie and Payton to leave. Thank gosh.

Cathy walks up to one of the judges as he’s WORKING, and asks him to wear one of her Candy Apple jackets. I hope they don’t lose, cause that’s going to be embarrassing. Cathy’s student it up first with his solo, and he’s a great dancer. You can totally tell, someone who actually knows how to dance, taught him everything he knows. The crowd is going crazy, and that’s because it’s all of Cathy’s dancers that are cheering. Kalani is up next, and she is competing against Nick for first place. Kalani is an amazing dancer, and her solo is beautiful. I hope she wins.

Over in Cathy’s dressing room the kids and the moms are talking, and Lucas decides to tell another kid “You’re f****** stupid,” and then he cries and tries denying it. Really kid? You realize you are on camera, right? I mean, if you’re calling the kids stupid, and you’re trying to lie on camera…LOL It’s time for Cathy’s kids to perform their group number, and they are really good, especially the brother and sister duo.

Abby’s girls are getting ready and she admits to them that she is nervous. The girls all look beautiful, and it’s their turn to shine onstage. The girls begin, and you can’t even hear the beginning of the music. They look beautiful, and Maddie is giving us ULTRA Maddie 3.0 face. The girls are finished, and they are freaking out because they know they are going to be in trouble. One of them even says, “Abby is going to kill us.” LOL Abby approaches one of the judges about the music, and she tells him she thinks, they’ve been setup all day. Oh Abby. She also tells the judge that he shouldn’t be wearing another studio’s jacket while he’s judging, and he gets tongue tied over being called out.

It’s awards time, and Kalani wins first place, beating Nick, who gets third. Go Kalani. The group awards are being announced, and the girls win Candy Apples and come in first. I thought they were going to get second, but something tells me the judges were probably scared after Abby confronted them. Cathy is talking with her moms and kids, and they can overhear Abby’s girls chanting the ALDC cheer — LOUDLY. Cathy is pissed. Her bribing the judges couldn’t get her the win, and something tells me, she’s going to think of some more tricks for the next time she runs into Abby and her girls.

Well, tonight’s episode was drama filled as usual, and next week, sad news about Abby’s mother, plus, is Nia getting kicked off the team?

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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