Dance Moms Recap: Abby Lee Miller Has Maddie And Mackenzie Ziegler Compete Against Each Other; And The Girls Transform Into Drag Queens!



It’s Dance Moms Tuesday, so let’s get to it! We start the episode off tonight with Payton joining the girls for the week. Abby announces how proud she is of the girls for being undefeated, and gets to the pyramid. Shockingly, Kendall is on top of the pyramid, while the rest of the girls play seat fillers for the other positions. Abby gets to Payton’s picture and tells her that she can’t be a baby, and of course, Leslie goes off on Abby. Out of nowhere it goes from 0-60 and it’s clear what REALLY HAPPENED was edited out. Payton leaves crying out of the room, and her mother makes her feel even worse for wanting to come back. Abby finds Payton and the two have a talk, which Payton defends herself. Good for her.

Once Payton comes back, Abby tells her she was brought in this week to be the lead in the ALDC’s version of “Kinky Boots.” Basically, Payton would make the best lead drag queen, so the team needs her. Abby then announces who will get the solos for the competition, and she has decided to put Maddie, Mackenzie, and Chloe, up against each other. Melissa says she’s glad her girls are going up against each other, but she looks scared. Maddie is doing a tap routine, and of course it is an area she excels in. Mackenzie is doing one of Maddie’s old, but famous solos, “Cry.” Chloe is doing a contemporary routine, and Christi is worried Chloe is being setup to fail.

Abby tells Mackenzie that she needs to step it up to catch up to her sister Maddie. I think Mackenzie should just worry about being herself. She’s a great little dancer. Mackenzie is working on her solo, and she’s struggling, well she’s not really struggling, but since she doesn’t look exactly like Maddie, Abby is getting frustrated. Abby brings in Maddie to show Mackenzie how it should look like, and Melissa tells the moms that Maddie would be fine with it if her little sister beats her. The mom’s ask Christi if Chloe is done learning her solo, and unlike the other two, she’s not. It’s time for Maddie to practice her tap routine and all the mom’s notice that it is a little too perfect to have been learned in a day. Melissa denies that Maddie has known the dance for a long time, but the rest of the mom’s don’t believe her.

The girls are practicing their drag queen routine, and Christi tells Leslie that Abby will blame her and Payton if the girls don’t win, since Payton is the lead. The girls get a visit from some fabulous drag queens, and since Payton is the lead, they give her a divalicious makeover, poor Payton. She’s a beautiful girl, but she looks a little scary. Maddie is giving Mackenzie a pep talk, which is cute. Maddie tries telling Mackenzie to do the “Maddie face,” which Mackenzie tells her isn’t necessary, since she has her own cute, little, Mackenzie face. That’s right Mackenzie, be yourself!

The girls and their moms are on the way to the competition, and Abby offers them chocolate cake, which is no big deal, but then after all the girls have grabbed their piece of cake, Abby then eats hers, and of course, the cameraman catches Jill and Holly making grossed out faces watching Abby eat it. LOL To their defense, it did look a little gross. Abby’s cake eating face, is the same as her yelling face.

The girls are getting ready to compete in the solo division. Abby is going over Mackenzie’s “Maddie face,” with her, and puts her down for not looking like Maddie. Christi pulls Mackenzie to the side and gives Mackenzie the cutest pep talk and encourages her to be herself. I can’t believe Christi is the one who had to comfort her, instead of her own mother, Melissa. Maddie performs her solo, and she’s great. She really is a natural, and makes it look so easy. Mackenzie is next, and although she is not Maddie, she is AMAZING at being little Mackenzie. She was so beautiful and innocent, and she really made the number look like a different dance. Chloe dances third, which is funny because just how the girls went on, is how the placed. (spoiler alert lol) Anyways, Chloe dances and she is STUNNING. I think she really has this in the bag.

It’s time to get ready for the group! Abby comes into the dressing room and compliments the girls on their solos. Abby tells Leslie she wishes she had Kalani there instead of Payton so the girls could do a contemporary dance, since there are a lot of good studios at the competition. The girls are performing their group dance and they look amazing. I couldn’t take my eyes off of both Mackenzie (who twerked) and Payton! They were fabulous, and they really shined.

Finally, it’s time for the awards ceremony! First up, solos! Chloe comes in third, Mackenzie second, and Queen Maddie in first! I was so surprised by this. I though Chloe was robbed of first place. Mackenzie was good, but nowhere near better than Chloe, and something tells me the next time Abby is in one of her rages, she is going to remind Chloe about the time she lost to Mackenzie. The group awards are next, and the fierce little drag queen from ALDC come in first, making it their 11th first place in a row!

Next week, Kalani returns, and so do the Candy Apples!

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