RHOBH Recap: Part One Reunion; Lisa Vanderpump Can Dish It But Can She Take It?


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And the time has finally come! The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills part one reunion has finally aired and it was loaded with the usual drama! It all begins with Lisa Vanderpump and Brandi Glanville talking about their friendship. Lisa doesn’t understand Brandi’s problem. Lisa calls out Brandi right off the bat about Brandi going to a gossip website and telling them that Lisa has filed for bankruptcy. Instead of Brandi being a bigger person and acknowledging that she’s a moron for doing that, she looks over to Kyle which shocks Kyle. She throws Kyle under the bus and tells Lisa that she heard about it from Kyle and regardless if she did or not, I think it’s ridiculous that Brandi opens her mouth, and then brings others into it.

Yolanda then complains about how Lisa is only an Hollywood friend and I don’t really understand Yolanda’s issue with Lisa. I truly feel like there is more to the story or Yolanda may feel threatened by Lisa. Who knows?Moving along, Kim seems to be the happiest she’s ever been. Andy being the sh*t stirrer that he is brings up how Lisa questioned Kim for praying near a garbage can. Lisa then explained she thought the behavior was odd from Kim and Kyle seemed to be getting upset hearing Kim justify why she was praying to Lisa. Kyle then spoke up and told Kim not to ever justify why she prays. In conclusion, Kim reveals Bravo has saved her life and she’s so thankful for all the help that she’s gotten.

We start addressing the drama between Brandi and Joyce. Brandi is mad that Joyce let Lisa know that Brandi had reached out to her and pretty much bashed Lisa to Joyce. Brandi “warned” Joyce that Lisa can dish it but can’t take it and is upset Joyce would open her mouth about it. I don’t understand why Brandi thinks she can call out Joyce about this when she’s the first person to throw anyone and everyone under the bus whenever she feels like it. Why is Brandi even warning some stranger about her supposed best friend? That’s the real question. As Brandi calls Joyce names, Carlton sits and laughs even shouting for Joyce to be quiet at one moment.I truly think Carlton is disgusting and preys on the weak. Joyce isn’t weak but she’s not a veteran housewife. She’s not someone Carlton can get be threatened by so she continues to be disrespectful towards her.

Andy brings up ‘The Dream Team!’ Yolanda makes some poor excuse as to why it was okay and she sounds ridiculous. The conversation gets turned as to why Brandi’s upset with Lisa. I still don’t honestly understand Brandi’s issue with Lisa. First Scheana, then Brandi accused Lisa of mothering her, now she says that Lisa acts different off-and-on camera. I can’t keep up and I don’t think Brandi can either.

Andy calls out Lisa regarding the comment she made about Kyle and Mauricio about them being friends if Mauricio is going to sell a home. Lisa shockingly apologizes for the comment although it didn’t really look sincere. Andy then asks Lisa whether she can take it like she can dish it out. Lisa then feels attacked. Brandi and the gang then point out how Lisa tends to make jokes that are hurtful although they can be funny. Brandi uses Adrienne Maloof’s shoe as an example which I found hilarious only because Brandi thought it was so funny up until now. Yolanda then chimes in pointing out how it’s okay if Lisa just acknowledges that she can’t take it and then starts making it about her, and how Lisa is a hollywood friend and blah blah. I’m so over Yolanda’s issue with Lisa because it was so out of the blue as well. Tonight’s episode shockingly ends with the ladies laughing together but the upcoming episodes seem to have the ladies doing the opposite..thoughts on part one of the reunion? Let’s Discuss!

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