Ramona Singer Says She Was Baffled Sonja Morgan Told Her To Give Aviva Drescher A Chance; Plus Calls Aviva Manipulating!


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Ramotional Singer is back! LOL The Real Housewives of New York star, took to her first blog to explain how she felt about Aviva Drescher being invited to the party, and how baffled she was by Sonja Morgan telling her to give Aviva a chance. Ramona also says that Aviva can be manipulating. Check it OUT!

Dear all! I can’t believe we are finally back on air!!!!

It has been way too long and please complain to @Andy about that so it does not happen again. LOL! I think the wait will be worth it for all of you viewers.

I could not believe the event would be a party that Aviva would be attending! I had not spoken to Aviva since the reunion. Yes, I would run into her at different events and parties. I’d nod my head, say a quick hello, and walk the other way.

When Heather told me Aviva would be attending I felt I had to grin and bear it. Never in a thousand years did I expect her to come over to me and start a conversation. Why was Aviva not getting that yes I accepted her apology — but I just could not accept her as a friend based upon traits in her character?

I adore Sonja and I kept looking at her hair realizing she got, as Oscar Blandi calls it, “The Ramona Cut.” I have been curling my hair most of this season, so unless it’s straight you don’t notice that Sonja and I have the exact same cut. Imitation is the sincerest flattery, and if anyone was to copy me let it be Sonja.

Sonja loves men and men love Sonja. Every age, every size, and every. . .! As long as Sonja is happy that is all that matters.

No mother is ever ready for their child to go off to college. It means I can no longer go to her room every night and every morning to kiss her. I can no longer cuddle up in her bed at any given moment. No longer will we chit chat every night as she gets ready to go out at while I help her pick an outfit. You become overwhelmed with a sense of loss. Yes I am happy for Avery, but sad for me. It’s all part of life and letting go. I find solace in the fact I raised a strong, moral, caring, sensitive, very bright, and personable young lady.

When I first met Kristen, I was overwhelmed by her beauty. I could look at her for hours. Kristen also seems to have a sweet and calm disposition. I wanted to get to know her better and was hoping she would not disappoint me the way Aviva did when I befriended her.

I could not believe my ears when Sonja asked me to give Aviva a chance. Was she serious or kidding?!? Sonja was serious! It baffled me I must admit. I also felt a little hurt by Sonja. I felt Aviva had viciously attacked Sonja and I, and I really did not want to ever give her a break.

I really did not want to meet with Aviva, but I felt pressure to. Aviva was now friendly with EVERYONE in our group except me. I felt for the peace of the group and for harmony among us all, I should at the very least cordial to her and give her a chance.

Aviva immediately sucked up to me. I have to admit Aviva can be manipulating. When she wants something she goes for it. She wanted my friendship back, and she can charm the pants off of anyone. When she said she would do shots I went into shock.

I must say I forgot how fun Aviva can be when she wants to be. I walked away that night having more fun than I thought possible with her. I also realized well maybe we can be friends again?

What do you guys think about what Ramona had to say? Do you think her and Aviva will ever be friends again?

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