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PHOTO: Melissa Gorga Flaunts Her Body In Boca! Hot Or Not?!

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It may be snowing, sleeting, and raining just about everywhere else in the U.S. but Melissa Gorga has escaped the dreary chill to sunshine filled Boca Raton Florida! Earlier this week, Melissa uploaded this hot bikini pic to her Instagram from the docks of Boca. Her caption reads “Heyyyy Boca;-)”

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I must say, there are at least two things Melissa is great at 1. Keeping a family feud feuding and 2. Looking pretty amazing in a bikini. Work it girl! That mardi gras bead bikini is fun too! I love the beading with the one strap. Bright colors and beautiful all around. Looks like she’s keeping the lighter hair highlights also, it could work for the spring/summer. I’m actually surprised Joe didn’t schmooze his away into the picture.


Are you a fan of Melissa’s Boca bikini pic? Hot? or Not?

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