RHOA Recap: Peter Thomas Confronts Porsha Stewart For Lying About Her Ex Kordell Stewart!


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Finally! A new RHOA episode! Tonight’s episode we catch up with Cynthia and NeNe going swimsuit shopping, and NeNe reveals she always wears a two-piece since her body is stretch mark free. LOL The topic then goes to what happened at the Bailey Bowl, and NeNe tells Cynthia that Marlo can never come up in a conversation again, and she will never speak of her. I guess NeNe means she will only TWEET about her, since that’s still what she currently does. Over at Marlo’s house, Kenya stops by to have a drink. Kenya asks Marlo how she’s feeling after what happened, and Marlo says she feels awful. Marlo tells Kenya how the whole fight started, and Kenya is shocked that NeNe just dismissed her “good friend” like that. Marlo then reveals to Kenya that NeNe called Marlo on three-way with Cynthia, and NeNe cursed her out for hanging out with Kenya.

Kenya cannot believe that Marlo is telling her this about NeNe. Marlo and Kenya feel that NeNe is filled with rage because her show “The New Normal,” was canceled. I think so too. NeNe was all about empowering women when she was a “Hollywood actress,” and now she hates them all, and is annoyed by everything they do. Over at Phaedra’s her adorable son is cleaning the pool. Ayden is seriously smarter than his dad Apollo. Phaedra and Apollo are talking about the trip to Mexico, and Phaedra isn’t sure if they should go, since Kenya is the one planning it. Phaedra tells Apollo that she doesn’t want him going on the trip and wants to take Dwight as her plus one. This annoys Apollo, because he doesn’t think it’s fair that he can’t be trusted.

Peter is visiting with Kordell, and Peter says he came over to see how Kordell was doing, since Kordell doesn’t return his calls. Peter is such a housewife. He starts asking Kordell what happened, Kordell seems calm about the situation. Kordell says Porsha’s family was so disrespectful, and even tells a story of how Porsha’s mom was in their room one day when nobody was home, eating a large pizza. WHAT THE?! LOL It seems Porsha’s family was a little too comfortable and overbearing. Kordell tells Peter that it’s not true about Porsha finding out about their divorce on Twitter. Kordell also says the reason Porsha’s name wasn’t on anything, was because she was irresponsible and failed to pay taxes on her condo.

Kenya and Lawrence have arrived to Mexico, and it’s beautiful, and so is the Presidential Suite that they’re staying in. Kenya has made gift bags for the girls, and there’s a full on professional photo of her in it. Oh Kenya, you were doing so good, until you brought those pot stirring gift bags. The rest of the stuff she brought is perfect for the girls. What’s even better was Lawrence’s Gregg Leakes impression. HILARIOUS! The ladies start arriving to the airport, and NeNe reveals to Cynthia that Phaedra couldn’t find her passport, so she won’t be on time.

The gang has arrived in Mexico! The ladies and their men are all in the limo drinking champagne, on their way to the resort. That’s when Peter, the fist man to hold the peach, decides to bring up his talk with Kordell to Porsha. They toast to Porsha moving on, and it’s to be continued. the ladies arrive and Kenya greets them while she’s twirling in her bikini and pancho. I think it was nice of Kenya to greet them, but of course, she calls herself shady, which is confusing. I don’t think that’s something you wanna be the best at.

Kenya shows NeNe her room and tells her that it’s the Presidential Suite, and it was for the whole game night debacle. The room is insane. NeNe has her own pool, and private island pretty much. LOL The funniest thing was Todd telling Kandi, “We better have a nice room, we never did anything to her.” LOL The rest of the ladies get to their rooms, and they’re all greeted with a lovely photo of Kenya and a note.

Cynthia goes over to Porsha’s room to joke with Porsha about Kordell coming to Mexico to meet her. Porsha actually looked a little happy when Cynthia was telling her that. Cynthia wants to make sure that Porsha isn’t upset with her about Peter talking to Kordell. Cynthia tells Porsha that she hasn’t heard of Kordell bad mouthing Porsha, but Porsha tells her, she’s heard it herself. It’s time for the “Welcome Dinner,” and Kenya has a surprise for the couples — they aren’t going to be sitting next to their partner at dinner. The ladies are good sports about it, and are having fun with the new seating arrangements.

Gregg out of nowhere tells Porsha about the conversation about Kordell. Gregg thinks that they should have done everything they could if they really loved each other. Todd jumps in and asks Porsha if she really feels as if she is done. Porsha explains that things changed, and she starts talking about Kordell and her being financially challenged, and that confuses everyone, since Porsha has told them otherwise. Peter says that his conversation with Kordell was different than what Porsha is telling them at the table.

Porsha is going on and on about Kordell’s tainted image, and how she signed on to be some sort of coverup wife. Her story about their marriage and the demise of it is really bizarre. Kenya questions Porsha about what she means about Kordell’s tainted image. Porsha says she means that Kordell was “wounded,” but Peter and Kenya aren’t buying it. If I were Porsha, I would just tell them all to shut up and stay out of my business. Even if she’s lying, she doesn’t owe them an explanation. Kenya interrupts Kandi siding with Porsha, to announce she has some fun in store for them.

Next week, the drama continues in Mehiiiiico!

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? What do you think about Peter confronting Porsha?

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