Dance Moms Recap: Abby Is Terrified To Put Maddie Up Against Kalani To Compete; And The Moms Are Sick Of It!



Here we are again, and it’s time for Abby’s infamous pyramid. Abby starts off by congratulating the girls for being undefeated, and Holly let’s everyone know that she’s finished her first book — Abby could care less. She even tells Nia that “dance comes first.” Abby is so rude when it comes to others’ accomplishments. Nia is at the bottom of the pyramid, and right in front of her is Kendall, who Abby said did a great job, but Jill didn’t, so she has to be punished. Queen Maddie is at the bottom row for doing the jobs that Abby got for her out of town. How is that her fault again? Chloe is told that she did nothing wrong, but her mother is Christi, so naturally, she’s at the bottom.

Kalani won first place for her solo, so she graces the top of the pyramid. Kalani’s mom Kira asks Abby for the second time when her daughter is going to be able to go up against Maddie, and Abby gives this lame hypocritical answer that doesn’t make sense. Abby says she didn’t bring Kalani to her studio to go up against any of her girls, but that doesn’t apply to Chloe. Poor Chloe always has to go up against the new girl, so Abby can continue to tell her she sucks. If Maddie really is untouchable, then she should be able to go up against Kalani. The moms go upstairs, and all the moms think it’s unfair that Maddie’s reputation gets protected, while Chloe has to compete and get nagged at for losing. Melissa agrees that Maddie’s reputation gets protected, but she doesn’t care.

It’s Holly’s book signing, and Holly is glowing. Abby shows up just to criticize everything about the “pamphlet” as she calls it, and says it belongs on the shelf in a doctor’s office. The girls are back at the studio, and they’re preparing to work on solos. Kendall is first, and Abby is having her dance with ballet shoes around her neck. Kendall is stressed because she keeps dropping the shoes and she wants to go to the bathroom, but Abby won’t let her. Jill is getting pissed and she goes downstairs to yell at Abby. Kendall does not like taking crap from Abby. She even leaves the room and says, “And I’m not doing my solo.” LOL Jill is even scared that Kendall keeps talking back, but Kendall seems like she’s had enough.

I don’t blame her. Abby should already know that, if she keeps poking at defenseless kids, one day they’re going to snap back at her. Abby brings in Maddie to do her solo, and then makes sure to gloat by Jill and Kendall saying “29 minutes. Did everything I told her too.” etc Typical Maddie praises. The moms are upstairs and it’s a brand new day. Melissa is called downstairs to record Maddie’s solo. Now that Melissa is downstairs, the sh*t talking amongst the moms can begin. First up, Melissa’s pants! LOL Gosh, they really were often. Even Jill, the queen of questionable clothing, doesn’t approve. You know that’s a bad sign. The moms discuss the whole Maddie not having to lose situation, and Christi brings up how Abby has said that it’s good when kids lose, yet she won’t allow it to happen to her Maddie.

Jill said that she spoke with Kendall about Abby being crazy towards her, and she let Kendall know it’s not her fault, it’s just Abby taking her anger out on her. What else is new? The moms feels bad because Jill tells them Kendall gets embarrassed that all the moms get to see her getting yelled at for every little thing, and Christi was sweet enough to remind Jill that all the moms are rooting for her. Aww…see they don’t always hate each other.

It’s the day of the competition, and Abby is being greeting by a crazy dance mom. Maddie is practicing her solo, and while Abby is talking to her, she makes sure to throw a dig at Kendall for going on vacation months ago. No one holds a grudge like Abby. The moms are sitting the audience, and there’s that crazy dance mom again, like literally, this psycho pops out of nowhere from the dark shadows right beside Abby’s head. Kendall is performing first, and she looks like Easter. She seems really nervous, and I feel bad for her. Her dance probably could have been better, but when a 400 pound woman is putting you down right before you go onstage, what can you expect?

It’s time for Abby’s Queen Maddie to perform. As usual she does amazing. Maddie truly is a beautiful dancer. Kira thinks Maddie did a good job, but she knows Kalani can beat her any day of the week. Of course, Jill is eavesdropping. I love her. Kira is telling Kalani what’s the point of them being there, if she can’t do a solo and compete against Maddie. Abby walks up as they are talking and asks what’s going on. Kalani tells her that her mom wants her to do a solo against Maddie, and Abby goes off. NOBODY messes with her Queen! Abby yells at Kira and tells her she doesn’t want another “Christi and Kelly.”

The girls are performing their group dance, “Riches to Rags.” The dance is upbeat, and kind of sloppy, which is odd, considering Abby reuses A LOT of the same dance moves in all her choreography. The girls do look beautiful though, and the important moves were together, like the turns. The moms and girls are in the dressing room, and in walks the psycho mom. She comes into the dressing and let’s them know her daughter may have not beat Maddie, but she’s pretty confident she has Kendall beat. Who says that?! I hope Jill bought Kira one of her famous gifts, cause Kira had her back and went after that mom! And now after all this “My daughter is better than yours,” talk, we get to see an improv dance-off! At first Abby just wanted Kalani, but Jill said all the girls should do it.

It’s time for the dance-off. 35 girls in total are onstage competing. Nia, Kendall, and Mackenzie are eliminated in the first round. Maddie is eliminated along with this crazy dance mom’s daughter, Ava. Chloe and Kalani and another girl are in the top three. Abby is going to vomit. Her precious Maddie lost against Chloe AND Kalani. The girls dance-off in a final round, and Kalani and Chloe both don’t win. I think it’s BS. I think Kalani should have won.

It’s time for awards, and poor Kendall is in ninth place. Ava comes in third place, and it’s now up to Maddie to pull a win. It’s getting down to the last number, and Maddie wins! Abby and Melissa can breathe again. The group awards are being announced, and the girls get first place. It’s time to fight in the dressing room. Abby comes in and blames Jill and Kendall for her bringing down the scores. Abby then tells Kalani that she should have won, and then gets on Chloe for repeating her dance moves and not doing them as good as she did them the first time. Really Abby? Why don’t you get on your star dancer Maddie, for not even making it to final round. Maddie is a beautiful dancer, don’t get me wrong, but how can you put your other dancers down that she (Maddie) carries the team, and she can’t even win an improv? Which is required at almost EVERY dance audition.

Chloe has had it, and rolls her eyes. Abby gets on Christi for being an adult and thinking she can have an attitude. Does Abby think she owns these moms? How can you tell a mom not to be upset after you keep putting her daughter down? Abby follows Christi out in the hallway, and thinks she’s going to get a rise out of her, like she did Kelly. Christi simply blows in Abby’s face, and tries to walk away, but of course, Abby wants Christi to get mad, and fight. I think Abby thinks if she keeps poking at Christi enough for every little thing, she’ll eventually get her to hit her, and she’ll be rid of her. Too bad Christi is too smart for that game, and isn’t giving in, which is pissing off Abby. Abby stoops to a low and even tries hurting Christi by brining up her mother.

Honestly, Abby looked so pathetic, and you could clearly see what she was doing. She was trying to find every hurtful thing she could think of to say to Christi, and was getting mad when none of it was working. Stay strong Christi! LOL

Next week, Granny Apples returns with some new team members, and the girls get a new teammate!

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