Real Housewives: Andy Cohen on Teresa’s Fraud Case & Russell Armstrong’s Death

andy Watch What Happens Live host Andy Cohen is behind everything Real Housewives. In a recent interview with TV Guide, Andy actually opened up about all of the controversy regarding the Real Housewives and reveals that despite what people think, the Real Housewives franchise is far from over! Andy even opens up about Teresa’s fraud case revealing it will be filmed for season six and talks Russell Armstrong’s death! Check out parts of the interview below:
TV Guide Magazine: What’s it like to no longer be a Bravo executive? Andy Cohen: I believe it was January 3 when I woke up and for the first time in my life I didn’t have a boss. So it’s great. I’m continuing to host specials for Bravo, which I love doing. And I’m still an executive producer of all the Real Housewives shows. Because no one else wanted to? No, quite the contrary! I wanted to and I believe that this franchise can go and go and go if we treat it delicately and properly. We’re seeing with Real Housewives of Atlanta record numbers of any season ever. I care about it a lot. How do you handle the Real Housewives’ real-life drama, like Teresa Giudice’s fraud case? With Theresa, we’re shooting New Jersey now and that’s very much the reality of what she’s going through. It will very much be a part of the show next season. We cover it in the way that we can. What about deaths, like Beverly Hills’ Russell Armstrong? The strategy is to take a beat, regroup, talk to everyone involved, take stock. What we saw with Beverly Hills was, this was a show that was light and airy and a beautiful package. But when you opened up the package, there was something not so pretty inside. That was probably the most challenging situation in the history of the show. We got with all the women and asked them, “What do you want to do? What can anyone get out of this? Is there something that we can learn from this?” Do things like that give reality critics ammunition to trash the genre? It’s so easy to clump reality TV into one genre. In some ways you can’t control that. You can only answer to the audience that’s watching the show.
Thoughts on what Andy had to say? What do you think about him confirming that the Real Housewives are here to stay?!

Andy Cohen revealed that despite the controversy surrounding the Real Housewives, the franchise is far from over. He believes that if the show is treated delicately and properly, it can continue to thrive.

Yes, Andy Cohen confirmed that Teresa’s fraud case will be a part of the show’s next season. The show will cover her real-life drama and showcase what she is going through.

 When faced with situations like the death of Russell Armstrong on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Andy Cohen and the production team take a step back, regroup, and talk to everyone involved. They aim to understand the situation and learn from it. In the case of Russell Armstrong’s death, it was a challenging situation for the show, and they discussed with the cast members to determine the best course of action.

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