Mob Wives Recap: Alicia DiMichele Confronts Renee Graziano; Plus Calls Renee A Coward!


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We start tonight’s episode off with Drita going to the recording studio to hear her new single. Her music producer Anthony plays the track for Drita and informs her that Method Man wants to record with her. Big Ang and Renee are taking a walk, and Ang looks so fancy to be walking in the park. LOL Ang’s face looks annoyed because she knows Renee is going to yell about Alicia to her. Renee is mad ’cause she feels like Alicia was implying that she was a rat. Renee thinks she’s some sort of gangster and it’s annoying. Drita and Alicia are meeting for lunch and discussing what happened between Renee. Drita feels bad because she thought that Renee was talking about it with Alicia. But now we find out that Renee was lying and that was never said on the infamous “tapes.” Alicia points out that Renee acts like the Mob bible and yet, she’s doing the big no-no, which is gossiping about someone’s case. Drita thinks Alicia needs to accept the fact that she’s a mob wife. Alicia tells Drita that she’s going to meet up Renee, and Drita doesn’t wanna be there.

Ang is telling Renee how she knows exactly what Alicia is going through. Renee says it’s not her issue about Alicia and Carla, but then maybe she should stop gossiping to Carla about Alicia. Renee is going off about Alicia to Ang, and Ang looks like she’s ready to fall asleep. Renee is all talk. Drita is at home working on the lyrics for her song. She’s having trouble, so she asks her five year old daughter, Gizelle for help. I think Drita is going to end up with some “Green Eggs & Hams” lyrics if her daughter helps her. LOL Natalie is with her boyfriend London and they’re going to dinner. London lives in New York, and since Natalie lives in Philly, they don’t get to see each other as much as they’d like, and she wants that to change. London wants to be with Natalie, but he doesn’t want to move, get married, and have kids all in one week, which is the pace she wants.

Renee is at home and she gets a letter from her ex husband Junior saying he loves her and wants to be with her. What’s sad is Renee’s self-esteem is so low, that if Junior really wanted to, he probably could get her back. Renee’s son AJ walks in and he immediately notices his mother is agitated. She wants to read him the letter and he doesn’t want to have anything to do with it. Renee is mad that AJ is dismissing her the way he is, but I think he has EVERY RIGHT to dismiss Renee like that considering she and Junior were selfish, horrible parents that subjected him to so much abuse.

Natalie drops by at Alicia’s house and Alicia tells her about the tweet Renee posted about her AFTER she had just called her to ask her to meet up. Renee acts like a gangster one minute, and then is a Twitter thug the next. Natalie is mad about what Alicia is telling her, and says this makes her not want to be friends with Renee even more. Now we see Renee and Carla (not the Carla we love from previous mob wives seasons) meeting up to talk about Alicia. Can you say planned? I doubt this is the FIRST time Renee is talking to Carla about this. This looks rehearsed to clear Renee, and I’m not buying it. Renee tells Carla that Alicia doesn’t like her and want her talking to Edward. Which is understandable. Who really wants their husband talking to their ex-girlfriend who was apart of the family? But with that said. It takes TWO. Eddie made his wife look like a fool. How can you ask your ex to help you buy your WIFE gifts? So sad.

Carla says that Eddie’s family doesn’t like Alicia, and Carla says that it’s a stupid demand for Eddie and her not to be friends, and if Alicia can talk to her ex-husband, then Eddie can talk to her. Only problem Carla, Alicia has a KID with her ex-husband, so it’s not the same thing. Not even close. Carla and Renee are both not a “girls girl” and don’t see how they’re disrespecting a marriage. Carla doesn’t have to take Eddie’s calls. She could ignore him. I think she likes that it makes Alicia mad. What I also find funny is how Renee was hell on wheels over the word “DELICIOUS” being said about a man who wasn’t even hers, and yet she sees NOTHING wrong with her friend Carla’s actions. What woman would stay talking to a married man, when they know the woman doesn’t approve?

I personally think Carla was brought on and prepped before this meeting with Renee. She’s trying to spin this tabloid story too much into something Alicia probably leaked. Again, not buying this fake sit-down. Carla tells Renee that Alicia should talk to her, and I agree. But I also think how disrespectful this woman is, to have not reached out and made friends with Alicia, if everything is innocent. You either be friends with BOTH, or none. You don’t get to have someone’s man as your best friend.

Drita is over at Big Ang’s and they are discussing the tweets that Renee sent about Alicia. Ang and Drita are both annoyed ’cause they think it’s stupid for Renee to have to tweet drama, instead of dealing with it face-to-face. Big Ang points out what a hypocrite Renee is since she introduced Alicia as “her best friend’s wife.” She even referred to herself as “Aunt Renee!” Drita says that if Renee wants respect, then she needs to learn how to give respect. Both Ang and Drita think Alicia actually knows how to use her words and tell you how she feels, and Drita says she’s going to “give” it to Renee, and they both don’t blame her for it.

It’s finally time for the showdown. Alicia arrives and Renee is already sitting. Alicia sits down, and they get right to business. Renee says that they have issues that need to be resolved, and that she met with Alicia out of respect for Alicia’s husband Eddie. Renee contradicts herself. She says she has not gone back and told anyone Alicia’s information, and then in the next sentence says, “Anything I’ve discussed has not been in a vicious or malicious way.” Say what?! So which is it Renee? Alicia is livid. She knows Renee is lying, and she’s not going to let Renee get away with it.

Alicia doesn’t understand that if Renee had questions about her case or heard something, why she wouldn’t just come to her? I agree. If you are going to introduce this woman as family, and you’re “Aunt Renee,” then why wouldn’t you come to her? Renee finally admits that she is talking about Alicia’s case, but so is everybody else, so it’s okay. Renee then reveals that she got TRANSCRIPTS and a conversation confused. She’s making no sense. Renee brings up Karen, which is ridiculous since Karen was brought up in ONE episode and never heard from again. Next. Renee also says it’s uncomfortable for her when Alicia brings up Carla, and Alicia could care less, since she feels she has every right to be mad at Carla since it regards her husband. Alicia calls Renee out for going back and telling Carla what Alicia says, and Renee really can’t lie, since she just FILMED herself doing just that, so I can only imagine how Renee and Carla talk about Alicia behind closed doors.

Renee wants Alicia to believe that she doesn’t talk about Alicia all day long, but that’s all we’ve seen so far from her in this episode. Renee did this same thing with Natalie. I mean, look how miserable she made Vegas for everybody. Renee thinks Alicia called her a rat, and she didn’t, but she implied it, which is the same thing kind of. Alicia then brings up the tweets and of course Renee denies it. Renee is getting mad because Alicia tells her to “bring it.” Renee is ready to EXPLODE. LOL

Renee says nobody likes Alicia, and she’s all these things, so again, it surprised me Alicia was introduced as family. Alicia calls Renee out for trying to accuse of her of having a boyfriend, and tells her she could have one if she wanted to. I’m sure by now we would have seen pics of this imaginary boyfriend leaked to the press if that was the case. Alicia tells Renee she likes to kick people when they are down. Alicia isn’t backing down to Renee and telling her she needs help. Renee of course gives Alicia the “next time” threat, and goes on to tell her that she’s not Annie Oakley, and Alicia’s responds, “I don’t wanna be a tough guy like you.”

Renee thinks there’s only one kind of “tough” and her being loud and obnoxious makes people scared of her. Wrong. Look how well that mentality worked out with Natalie. Renee then tells Alicia she’s not interesting and doesn’t like her, and basically tries to say anything she can to hurt her, and it looks like her words shocked Alicia. Renee then gets up and leaves, while still talking and out the door.

Next week, Drita and Ang confront Renee for bad mouthing them in a text message!

Thoughts on tonight’s episode? Whose side are you on? Let’s Discuss!

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