RHOA’s Kenya Moore Apologizes For Texting Apollo Nida; And Reveals Things With Nene Leakes Changed!



Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kenya Moore, appeared on The Wendy Williams Show yesterday, and she was surprisingly, NICE. LOL Of course, Wendy asked her everything from Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida, to Sunday night’s episode where she fought with the ladies on the bus. Wendy even showed a flashback photo of Kenya in a Jay-Z video, and she dished on whether or not the two dated! Check out what Kenya had to say

First, Kenya did clarify that she is not dating a prince, but she calls him her “African Prince.” She continued,

“Yeah, I mean, he’s very successful, and he runs a multi-billon dollar company, and he’s a mature man. He treats me like a princess.”

Kenya also shared that she does see herself getting married and having kids. When asked about her mom, she says,

“She wanted to give me up for adoption, but my grandmother — Well, she was 16 when she had me, and I think they made the decision that, she was going to pretend like I never was born, and from that, she just has operated from that point of view and whenever I’m around — I’ve seen her many times since I was a child. I can be in the same room with other people — my family, and she just pretends that I’m invisible.”

When asked if she has room in her heart to reconcile with her mom for the holidays, Kenya says,

“I have room in my heart, because I’m not, I’m not a monster, but I’ve been treated, just really poorly from my mother all of my life. And I’ve never had a relationship with her. I’ve never had a conversation with her.”

The subject of Apollo came up and Wendy told Kenya she doesn’t think she “screwed around” with him, but thinks she was wrong for texting him, in which Kenya responded,

“Oh never. Well, you know what Wendy, you are absolutely right. I have to say that, considering everything, I was absolutely wrong, because I know that me and his wife fell out, we weren’t friends, and for him to be texting me — He initiated the text, but I returned the text, and they were friendly, so I apologize for that. I apologize to the world. I was wrong.”

Wendy also told Kenya that Apollo picking her up, “caveman style” to throw her into the pool, “was wrong,” she continues, “She should have been all over him for that, not all over you.”

Kenya also says, “That’s something I would never do. I don’t want a married man, I don’t go after married men. I don’t entertain that. I send them back home to their wives. I don’t have anything to do with stuff like that.”

Wendy brought up the Todd and Kandi drama involving Mama Joyce and Kenya said,

“Umm, (she laughs) I think Todd is smart, I think he loves Kandi. I’ve had a chance to spend some time with them recently, and I think — You know from what I know, they seem to be okay. I think Mama Joyce is — She’s off her rocker literally,” she jokingly said.

On the subject of Nene,

“Well, what had happened was, Wendy, well, you know last season she had all these jobs, she was this Hollywood actress, she had arrived, she made it, and this season she doesn’t have any of that. And whereas last season she welcomed me, she was like, ‘Oh Kenya, do your thing,’ and now all of sudden this is all she has, (being a housewife), and things change. Things change, and they drastically change. It’s not like it used to be. You’ll see. You’ll see in the upcoming episodes it gets really bad,”

Kenya says.

Lastly, Wendy showed an old photo of Kenya and Jay-Z in a car for one of his music videos, and Kenya shared,

“That was from a music video, ‘Do you remember ‘Money aint a thang?’ That was from ‘Money aint a thang’ and I got to play Jay-Z’s girl for the day, ‘So, Beyonce I had him first,'” Kenya jokingly said.

Thoughts on what Kenya had to say? Do you believe her apology?

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