Brownstone Former Employee Sues Albert Manzo For Being A Racist And Stiffing Her For Overtime!


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Another day, another lawsuit lawsuit involved with the Real Housewives of New Jersey. This time Caroline Manzo’s husband Albert Manzo is being sued from a former employee!

A waitress is suing Albert Manzo, Tommy Manzo (Dina’s soon to be ex-husband) and the Brownstone manager Robert Manger! The waitress named Lanise Jackson claims that Albert “stiffed her for overtime and called her and her co-workers ‘Spic bitches’ along with other racial, sexual, ethnic and country of origin epithets.”

According to Courthouse News Service, Lanise claims that the Manzo’s and Manger regularly called her and the other waitresses, “bitch, fucking stupid bitch, spic bitches, lazy motherfuckers” along with other insults. Lanise also recalls a time where Tommy Manzo asked her, “Are you blind? What are you, Chinese? Open your eyes.”

That’s not all! Lanise adds that she was “forced to work in a filthy, unhygienic atmosphere as defendant, The Brownstone House, Inc.’s facilities were roach-infested.” She mentions that “she regularly worked in excess of forty hours per week” but “was never paid time and half overtime.”

Albert Manzo did respond to the lawsuit denying all of Lanise’s claims saying the lawsuit is “absolutely unbelievable” and declined to say anything else.

Woah! The lawsuits just keep coming. I’m sure there’s got to be some truth to that or a waitress wouldn’t hire a lawyer knowing how expensive the costs could be if their was no case. Do you think theres any truth to these claims?

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