Phaedra Parks Says Her Husband Apollo Nida And Kenya Moore Are Two Inappropriate People!


phaedra and bethenny

A few days ago, the Southern Belle herself, Phaedra Parks, appeared on RHONY alum, Bethenny Frankel’s talk show to discuss everything from Donkey Booties, to the most recent texting scandal, between her husband Apollo and her RHOA co-star, Kenya Moore! Check out what Phaedra had to say

Bethenny goes right in and shows the clip of Phaedra and Apollo discussing “text-gate” at dinner, and immediately asks where she and Apollo are now. Phaedra says, “Well as far as like me and my husband? Oh we are fine.”

On where if she and Apollo are reliving the texting drama due to the show airing, she says, “Well of course. Definitely, I mean, it obviously brings back the same emotions of that day, or that evening.”

Bethenny then asked Phaedra if Apollo and Kenya were friends, she responded, “We were friends at a point, but then when we stopped being friends then any other conversation should’ve ended.” Bethenny then said why were they texting if Phaedra wasn’t friends with Kenya anymore, Phaedra said, “Well, because, they’re just two inappropriate people acting inappropriately. When I’m no longer friends with someone, you should no longer be friends them, because we’re a team.”

Phaedra also discussed Kenya copying her “Donkey Booty” idea, saying, “At the end of the day, if you’re gonna be original, your gonna be original. I mean, there can only be one Kleenex, there can only be one jello, everything else is just gelatin and toilet paper.” Saaanap! (She really did snap)

Bethenny asked about Kenya’s eviction to which Phaedra responded, “I guess the sales of her video aren’t as she explained them to be.”

Phaedra also revealed that she doubts her and Kenya will ever be friends, and added, “Its just some people you don’t need to be friends with. Some people are just toxic, you know, and I don’t wanna be in toxic relationships. I did try to be Kenya’s friends when she first came on the show, but some people are just bad news bears, but I wish her well in whatever she does.”

Thoughts on what Phaedra had to say?

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