Thanksgiving Reunion: Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga Share Their Heartfelt Moments

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 9.40.40 PM Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga decided to take a family vacation for Thanksgiving this year with her husband and children, including her sister-in-law Teresa. This was a bit shocking to many considering the circumstances. Teresa is currently facing several counts of fraud against her and her husband Joe Giudice. Considering what is going on with Teresa and Juicy, you would think Teresa’s brother Joe and Melissa would be spending the holiday with the Giudice’s. Melissa revealed to NY Daily News why she decided to vacation instead explaining,
“We honestly haven’t spent Thanksgiving together. We try to do Easter and Christmas with them. Joe and I usually go away for Thanksgiving or spend it with my family. We went to Jamaica last year, too.”

Should the Gorga’s have spent Thanksgiving with the Giudice’s considering the circumstances?

Melissa Gorga explained that she and her husband Joe usually go away for Thanksgiving or spend it with her own family. They have not traditionally spent Thanksgiving together with the Giudice’s, and they try to prioritize spending Easter and Christmas with them instead. Last year, they even went on a vacation to Jamaica for Thanksgiving.

Teresa Giudice, Melissa’s sister-in-law, is currently facing several counts of fraud along with her husband Joe Giudice. These legal issues might have created a challenging and stressful environment for the Giudice family. Considering the circumstances, it is understandable that Melissa and Joe Gorga chose to spend Thanksgiving separately.

 The decision of whether the Gorga’s should have spent Thanksgiving with the Giudice’s is subjective and depends on individual perspectives. Given the legal challenges faced by the Giudice’s and the Gorga’s traditional holiday plans, it is reasonable for Melissa and Joe Gorga to have chosen a family vacation or spending time with Melissa’s own family. Ultimately, the decision was based on their personal preferences and circumstances.

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