GG Golnesa Wishes Mercedes Javid Would Put Her Ego To The Side; Claims She Isn’t Choosing Sides In The Lilly Drama!


jj and mj

GG took to her blog this week to express how bad she felt about not speaking up in regards to the Lilly vs MJ argument, and how she wishes MJ would put aside her ego and pride and just apologize. Check out what GG had to say

I’ve been super busy flying to Never Neverland and eating salami, but I’m back now and ready to dish it out for y’all. Let me start by saying i’m very happy for my boy Mike for making such an effort to make his business grow. I know starting a new business is tough, but with hard work and determination anything can work!

Watching Lilly express herself to Asa makes me realize that I too should have said something at the dinner table. I am friends with Lilly, and I wish I could have been more supportive. It’s just difficult because everyone is always getting on my case about being involved in drama, so I decided to sit back and let them hash it out. Both girls know that I’m their friend. So, for now, I’m not picking sides.

Time to go camping!!! I’ve been going to EarthTrek Expeditions for 14 years now. Its truly one of my favorite places in the whole world. Camping is my favorite thing to do, and I always feel my best while in nature. I still owe Reza a friendly kick in the ass for bringing MJ out of nowhere. But because I know he did it with good intentions, I guess I’m not that mad. Seeing the diva MJ at the camp ground acting too cool for school was quite annoying. Even if you’ve never been camping before, just shut your mouth and try to participate in a positive way, especially when you know you’re there on someone else’s family trip. The first time I spoke with MJ she claims she was sorry. Then she said what she did was funny and shady. And now, here we are again talking about it and she’s saying she’s not sorry at all. I don’t know about you guys, but i’m getting motion sickness from all these turns this bitch is taking with me.

For a mere moment I actually thought that MJ would be able to let down her ego and pride and just admit that what she did was hurtful and wrong. But she keeps trying to justify herself and somehow thinks that she’s going to convince me to believe her. It’s also not very helpful that her cheerleader Reza laughs at everything she says, making her believe she is funny for being such a bitch to me. Who knows if the friendship between us will ever be the same. All I know is that I was hurt by one of my dear friends, and she is sitting back laughing about hurting me.

I always come camping to get away from the drama in my daily life and to center myself. With MJ’s presence and lack of understanding, that purpose was lost. I am, however, happy Reza and MJ got a chance to experience (what I consider to be) such a fun white water rafting trip. Perhaps in an ideal world, we can all get back to a happy place and come back here next year and have an authentic good time together… without the “sorry, not sorry” attitude!

I agree with GG about MJ’s apology. I don’t like when MJ is wrong, and she pretends she has no idea what’s even going on. Grow up and be sincere with your friends when you hurt them. Enough of the games. What did you guys think of MJ’s apology? Did you believe it?

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