RHOA Recap: Porsha Opens Up About How Bad Her Marriage Was And Phaedra Calls Out Apollo For Texting Kenya!


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta had a lot of intense moments on Sunday’s episode. It starts off with Kandi meeting up with Kenya who says she is trying to be Kenya’s friend regardless of the whole Kenya texting a married man and her co-stars husband. Kandi talks about Kenya texting Apollo still confused why the two would ever be on speaking terms especially since Phaedra and Kenya weren’t. Kenya then shows Kandi text messages between Apollo and herself. Regardless of what Kenya is showing Kandi, on the Iphone, you could always delete your message and keep what they are saying. Kandi doesn’t like that Kenya refers to Apollo as “babe” in a few of the texts and thinks its totally out of line.

Kandi then asks Kenya if she’s seen Apollo. Kenya says not that she could think of which is quite the questionable answer. The two are going back and fourth and Kenya just says that if Kandi wants more answers that she should speak to Apollo. Regardless of everything, Kandi blames both Kenya and Apollo and think the two of them are equally wrong for texting each other. Kenya then begins accusing Kandi of giving her attitude and Kandi simply states that Kenya doesn’t ever let anyone speak or get their point across. Kenya responds that everyone is always after her and trying to portray her as the bad guy. Well, Kenya. It’s because you are the bad guy!

On to Porsha. Porsha’s going through a lot with the divorce and everything and is having a hard time moving forward. Porsha decides to seek emotional guidance from her therapist. Porsha continues to put her marriage on blast saying the marriage was different behind closed doors, adding that he is controlling, mentioning AGAIN that he wasn’t interested in her sexually. I don’t like what Porsha is doing. I get she is upset with Kordell but I think a lot more people would feel sorry for her if she didn’t need to try so hard to make Kordell look bad. He already looks bad as it is! Now she’s starting to look bad! Porsha is then questioned as to why she wears her wedding ring. Porsha says she will continue to wear it for the rest of her life and when she takes it off, that means the relationship is done. I don’t get it? Porsha hated how Kordell apparently treated her but she would get back with him?

Kandi and Phaedra are hanging out when Kandi tells Phaedra all the information she got that Kenya told her. Phaedra then reveals that Kenya did offer Apollo oral sex and says the two saw each other at a hotel in California. Phaedra reveals that Apollo called her the day he was in the same hotel and told Phaedra he was going to check out because Kenya kept coming up to his room. Phaedra explains she is too busy to give it any energy. Phaedra might be playing it cool but I’m sure behind closed doors Apollo is going through hell for allowing this whole Kenya thing to get so far.

The ladies all get together to hang out with Porsha minus Kenya of course. Porsha apologizes to the women for pushing them away revealing that she was afraid Kordell wouldn’t let them see her and even admitting Kordell didn’t allow Porsha’s sister to come to their house.

NeNe hooks up Kenya with her realtor considering Kenya needs a new place. We then learn Kenya has a new boyfriend that she met in Nigeria. NeNe’s realtor shows Kenya a really nice 4,000 square foot apartment and Kenya refuses to go under anything less than 5,000 square feet. Kenya is simply an idiot.

Apollo and Phaedra go out for dinner but you could see the tension with these two. Apollo needs attention from his wife and it’s clear Phaedra isn’t giving it to him. Phaedra brings up Kenya asking Apollo not to text her friends. Apollo gets bothered by Phaedra’s tone and says he’s a grown man adding that she is not his mother. Apollo swears he didn’t do anything inappropriate regarding Kenya and Phaedra is now concerned about what really happened between Kenya and her husband in Los Angeles. Apollo says if he wanted to sleep with Kenya he would have. He’s done talking about it and over hearing about Kenya. I have a feeling this isn’t the last time were going to hear about this….

Thoughts on Sunday’s episode? Should Apollo have texted Kenya? Let’s Discuss!

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