RHOA Recap: Porsha Stewart Implies That Kordell Stewart Has Abused Her And Could Be Gay!


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Shockingly, I’m starting to really really enjoy watching Real Housewives of Atlanta. After the previous seasons, I knew I wasn’t into it but as I’ve stated, they are back and better than ever.

This week’s episode begins with Kandi and her relationship drama. Not only is Mama Joyce not supporting Kandi in her relationship with Todd, but even her manager Don Juan is having the same concerns. I’m truly not understanding what their deal is with Todd. Kandi seems so happy and Todd genuinely seems like a great guy. Shouldn’t that all be that matters? It seems like Kandi should actually be worried about those who are worried for her regarding Todd because they seem like there biggest concern is Kandi’s money and how Kandi being in a relationship will affect them.

NeNe Leakes is at home and she gets a phone call that her role on Glee is going to be delayed considering the death of Cory Monteith. NeNe wants to work and seems annoyed-not because Cory has just died but because his death has caused a delay.

Back at Porsha’s, she is officially moved in with her mother. Kordell has sent movers over to bring all her stuff and all Porsha gets is her clothes. Nothing else. I think that Porsha should be able to go to a place that was once her home and grab what she wants. Kordell is really enjoying being a jerk at this point. Porsha then imply’s that Kordell is yet again gay which I think is stupid on Porsha’s end. I get it. Kordell did Porsha wrong but if anything Porsha looks absolutely stupid insinuating a man she was married to is gay and she was still willing to stay with him.

Things get interesting at Phaedra and Apollo’s house. They are taking family photos and the two seem very irritated with each other. They both keep bickering and this is just a flashback to how Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif’s relationship was..and you see how that went.

Kandi is with her daughter Riley and wants to speak about Riley’s feelings against Todd. She asks Riley about what she thinks if Kandi adn Todd get married and Riley has no opinion on it. I’m not really understanding why Riley isn’t feeling Todd but I’m sure there is good reason. I do find it odd that Kandi has decided to ask her daughter about this on camera.

Kandi and Porsha meet up and they start discussing Kordell. It’s quite clear that at this point, we are going to hear a LOT about Kordell. While talking to each other, Kandi asks Porsha if Kordell has ever hit her. Porsha pauses and insinuates that there is a possibility he has gotten physical with her. Porsha then starts to cry. Porsha is clearly going through a lot but I don’t think she should be insinuating anything about her ex. I think she’ll look better if she keeps her head up while he looks like an idiot.

Kenya has moved into a new home and it’s quite big which makes absolutely no sense considering she is alone. That’s when Kenya puts on the wedding gown of the landlord she keeps talking smack about. Kenya is crazy. The landlord calls the police on Kenya and I don’t blame her. No wonder Kenya is single

Thoughts on Sunday’s episode? Let’s Discuss!

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