RHOA Recap: Kenya Moore Faces Phaedra Parks And Kandi’s Mom Throws Some Serious Shade At Kandi’s Relationship


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The Real Housewives of Atlanta is back and when I say that I mean it’s hotter than ever! It’s episode two of the hit show and things continue to get crazy…

A lot’s going on with Sunday’s episode like Kenya making sure that cameras caught her winning a battle against her former landlord. Or Cynthia Bailey getting emotional about gaining weight because of a problem she has called uterine fibroids. It was interesting to see Cynthia lean over and tear up in front of her husband Peter about how stressed she is regarding her bloating while he kind of just shrugged it off and agreed that she was gaining weight. Truthfully, I like that Peter’s honest, but I just think there is another way he could go about things like his wife’s weight issues. Oh and FYI I think Cynthia looks fabulous.

Moving on…NeNe decided to bring all the girls together to meet with Kenya Moore who the girls are currently not a fan of. Especially considering Kenya was texting Phaedra Parks husband, Apollo! NeNe wants to calm things down and hopes that the ladies can move past everything though she agrees Kenya was in the wrong for texting a married man.

While the ladies are sitting down to talk, everyone agrees that Kenya was wrong for texting Apollo while she thinks it’s not a big deal because it was friendly. Kenya also probably doesn’t think it’s a big deal because she’s not married and doesn’t know how it feels but I can bet you that Kenya seems like the type that would have a HUGE issue if someone was texting her husband being “friendly.” Kenya and Phaedra kind of agree to just let go of things but Phaedra does call out Kenya for saying Apollo and Phaedra might have aids. Kenya seriously has no filter and it’s disgusting. Kenya tries to deny she said that then admits it on her interview.

Kenya is a very confused gal. But I feel bad for her. She’s clearly unhappy. Things seem to get settled but I have a feeling this is not the last time these two will have a issue.

Later Kandi meets with her mother at her mom’s new home, also the former home Kandi used to live in. They start discussing Kandi’s fiancee Todd and Kandi’s mother questions how much Kandi really knows Todd. Kandi has been dating Todd for two years which is a pretty great amount of time to know someone. Kandi is frustrated that her mother isn’t giving Todd a chance saying she treats him horribly. Kandi’s mother feels like Todd is taking advantage of Kandi and points out that Todd sleeps in that house for free and lives off of Kandi. Kandi denies this and says Todd pays monthly bills. It seems like Kandi’s mother fears that if she and Todd get married, that Kandi will stop taking care of her own mother. I think it’s sad that Kandi’s mom isn’t supporting her daughter. I think she just needs to be there for her and hope for the best instead of being negative. Kandi’s mother than goes to the next level insulting and dissing Kandi’s ring resulting Kandi to be in tears considering she’s the one who picked out the wedding ring. Her mother’s comments were a complete low blow and my heart hurt for Kandi.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is off to a great start and I already can’t wait for the next episode. Thought’s on Sunday’s episode? Was Kandi’s mom out of line? How did you think the sit-down went with the ladies? Let’s Discuss!

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