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Is RHOBH’S Joyce Giraud, “Pissed-Off” With Bravo?!


New Beverly Hills Housewife, Joyce Giraud, may be young, thin, and rich, but that doesn’t mean it defines her. Joyce shared with Entertainment Weekly that she is “pissed off” at Bravo for choosing a tagline that does not describe who she is. By the way, Joyce’s tagline is, “In Beverly Hills, they say you can never be too young, too thin, or too rich.”

Here’s what Joyce had to say about Bravo’s choice

“I’m already upset at my tagline because it’s not me, and I didn’t pick it. I’m really pissed off that they would pick a tagline that doesn’t describe me. They give you all these taglines, and you take them, and then they pick. Joyce adds, “Here I am as a newbie, playing ball and taping what you’re telling me to tape. But I’m asking you to not pick this, and you pick it.”

Joyce went on to say that part of her reason for not wanting that tagline is because she was bullied when she was younger for the way she looked.

“I was bullied as a young girl for these things you’re putting in my tagline. I grew up feeling ugly, feeling bad about myself for being too skinny.”

I think Joyce has every right to be angry with Bravo. She is involved in so many charities and is actually in Beijing with UNESCO water experience right now. They could have at least given her a classy dig of a tagline. What would you pick to be Joyce’s tagline? Please share