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rhom in vegas

What an episode! We start the show off with Lisa packing her bags for Joanna’s bachelorette party in Vegas. While packing, she is also having a talk with her husband Lenny about the fact that he can’t come to the wedding because it’s on a Thursday and he works. Lisa explains to him how she feels like a widow at events and the topic then goes to Lisa not being able to have kids and she feels like Lenny would possibly leave her because of it. It’s now time to leave for Vegas and the girls are on their flight all getting along! They all seem genuinely excited to be on their way to have fun together, EXCEPT Lea of course. Adriana is hoping for the best and has a very good attitude about starting fresh with the girls. Lisa is especially excited and needing this trip because of all the stress she and Lenny are going through right now.

The girls have arrived in Vegas. Their hotel suite is gorgeous. The girls make a toast and then are off to fight over who gets what room! Joanna is being nice to Adriana and offers to give her the nice room. (Aww) All the ladies are ready to hit the pool! They all look fab and happy and Lea is like a debbie downer and says in her interview Adriana is being “fakely friendly” and says she’s not the same. The girls are all having fun at the pool and Lisa is really enjoying herself. She’s ready to have a wild time, but the rest of the girls aren’t exactly sharing the same enthusiasm as Lisa. Lea is being awkward and looks annoyed that Adriana is having fun with and not the one out of place. To help Lea get out of her funk, some guys come over to show Lea some dance moves. It works temporarily, but she goes right back to clinging to that umbrella.

Joanna is seeing Lisa getting too drunk so fast, so she decides to have Lisa cut off from the drinks for awhile. I honestly don’t even think Lisa needs alcohol, I think it just enhances her wild side. Adriana is hot and says the heat is making her “delirious.” Lea uses that opportunity to throw a jab her way and tells her she’s always been delirious. Adriana stays the bigger person and laughs the comment off. Good for her. The girls decide to take the party back up to their room and take their tops off in their own private pool. Lea’s head is about to explode because Adriana is still having fun with the all the girls and mentions in her interview that Adriana will never be best friends with any of them.

It’s time for the night to begin! Joanna’s night has been planned by her friends, so she has no idea what’s in store for her. All the girls are getting ready, and Lea is in the bathroom making sure Joanna is okay with how the day has gone so far. I think it really annoyed Lea that Joanna wasn’t complaining about Adriana, I think she was mad that Joanna kept her word about moving on. Adriana tells Alexia she still notices Lea’s digs, but she’s being optimistic and hoping for the best. Joanna’s friends arrive to meet the girls for dinner and they are ready for the night to begin! They are gambling and Lisa is educating a fellow gambler the dangers of smoking and pretty much he’s going to get lung cancer. LOL They all take a shot and head on a party bus, arranged by Lisa, full of strippers!

The strippers attack Lea and the girls all can’t help but laugh. For once, Lea looks like she’s enjoying herself. Maybe they should’ve had strippers to start with. The girls are all having fun, and Adriana even motorboats Joanna. Lisa decides to work the stripper pole and she and Adriana have a pole off. Adriana also decides to give Lisa a lap dance, well sort off. Lisa thinks Alexia is trying to act like she’s a good girl, and is annoyed that the other girls are being too “classy.” The ladies head to the club and are all dancing and having a good time. I mean, no one fell or took off their shoes, so that’s always a good sign. LOL Lisa called Lenny drunk and Joanna thinks that was a mistake. Joanna makes the comment in her interview that if Lenny ever left Lisa, she would basically have nothing.

Lisa is wasted and Joanna yells out if the driver of the party bus is hiring because Lisa is looking for a job. Joanna then makes more mean remarks about Lisa to Lea right in front of her face. Lisa is trying her best to argue back and defend herself, but “suck my” and “whore” are the only words she can get out. She calls Joanna a whore, but she’s been calling her that all day and doesn’t think anything of it, until Joanna comes back swinging. I mean, even Adriana knew that word was trouble. Lisa still looks like she’s playing, but Joanna tells her she married for money. Joanna tries to say the word “whore” set her off, but clearly she’s lying. Lea chimes in, and looks very happy that there’s fighting happening. Alexia tries to calm Lisa down, but Lisa yells at her. Alexia pretty much shuts Lisa down with intelligence. No cussing, or name calling, just pure intelligence. Which drives Lisa even crazier. Out of all the things Lisa is saying to Alexia, Alexia had the right to go nuts on her, and still kept her composure. After being checked by Alexia, Lisa decides she’s done and exits the bus. To be continued…

What did you guys think of this episode? Was Lisa just being crazy? Or were the other ladies just being uptight? Let’s discuss!

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