RHOM Recap: The Black Sheep!


lisa and lea texas

So, first off, the word that definitely describes this episode is, “AWKWARD!” We start with Lea packing for her trip to visit her family in Texas. Lea tells us unlike her family, how she didn’t want to stay living in Texas and the first chance she got to move — SHE DID! Lea is helping her son, RJ, pack, who is trying to pack fake toys guns and cowboy hats (’cause obviously that’s the uniform of the people of Texas) and he’s so excited to go to see his cousins! We then go to Lisa, who is also packing for the Texas weekend, and she explains how she’s excited to go, because she’s fascinated with how little everyone knows about Lea, and she wants to be the first one to know EVERYTHING about her Birkin Buddy. (BTW, I honestly always get so sad to see Lisa always having to talk to her dogs, ’cause that’s all who’s every home).

Romain and Joanna are skyping his biological mom, to tell her they decided on a date to get married. She’s very excited for them, but she lets them know, she won’t be able to go, and wishes them a wonderful life. How I wish I could’ve gotten out of going to so many weddings with that statement! LOL Next, they skype in Romain’s dad, who doesn’t speak any English, AND who has never even met Joanna! Say what? Romain’s dad lets them both know that he will come and see them after they get married. Joanna is shocked. She should be shocked that his dad not only is skipping the wedding, but ALSO only really wants to “mostly” visit with Romain. Now, it’s time to skype Romain’s brother, and he doesn’t really know if he can come either. Three strikes, they’re out!

Over at Adrianna’s, Frederic is getting Adrianna’s son Alex ready for his first formal dance! Adrianna lets Alex know that she is going to be one of the chaperone’s and he is not having it, and tells her to go downstairs so he can get ready. Adrianna is a little sad with how fast time has gone, and I can’t blame her. Kids will never understand how dramatic parents are about them growing up, until they are parents themselves one day. Adriana’s son is so smart and kind. She definitely did a good job raising him. She gives him a kiss goodbye and he is off to the formal! (with adrianna chasing the car down in her heels) LOL

Lea, Lisa and RJ are yee-hawing it up at the airport and I’m sorry but every time I see Lisa’s face, she reminds me more and more of Daisy from Rock of Love. Google her if you don’t know. Lisa is letting us all know how she expects to be sipping tea and eating crumpets with Texas’s elite, since Lea is just a superstar and as fabulous as it gets, (according to Lisa). Their plane ends up having mechanical problems, so they switch planes, and they are FINALLY in Texas — still waiting for Lisa’s luggage of course. They meet up with Lea’s family and before they even go in, Lea already seems like she’s not feeling it and states it is going to be a long trip.

Her family is so excited to see them, and are filled with hugs and smiles! One of Lea’s relatives tell her “Welcome Back! Finally,” which had me thinking how long it has actually been since she’s seen them, and if her being on the show had anything to do with their sudden visit. Anyways, Lea is going around and introducing Lisa to the rest of her relatives, including Cody, who I knew would be a rapper, but was really hoping to be wrong. Lisa then meets Lea’s sister and is shocked to find out that she even has one, and even more shocked to find out that she actually has TWO! I guess someone failed to mention to their Birkin Bestie, that she’s not an only child. I mean, Lisa’s poor little face was trying so hard to move during her interview, when giving us a “shocked” expression about the news.

Lisa reveals she only has a phone relationship with her mother, which you can actually tell since how awkward Lea is around her. After meeting everyone, Lisa seems kind of disappointed Lea’s family is a bunch of “normal” people. You know she was really expecting to probably meet the mayor. Lea’s still in a funk about being so different from her family and proceeds to bring more of that funk to a BBQ her family is having. I don’t know why Lea thinks her family is so different. They just seemed like a nice, loving family to me. They really seem a lot more happier than Lea.

Lisa is sitting with Lea’s sisters and getting the scoop from them about Lea. And Lea tells Lisa she doesn’t tell her anything from her past, ’cause she doesn’t think it’s that interesting. Lea leaves the table, and Private Lisa goes back to digging for information. Lea’s sisters let Lisa know how sweet and generous Lea is and they also reveal how bossy Lea was. They then talk about Lea’s sister, who has passed, and they talk about the accident she was in and how it changed their family forever, and you can tell it’s a topic that makes Lea shut down.

We are back with Romain and Joanna and he is the sweetest and decides to rip up the prenup he was going to make her sign, and they float off into the sunset on a beautiful yacht for a ROMAIN-tic dinner. Alexia is celebrating her anniversary with Herman with a beautiful family dinner, and it’s such a special night. The best moment is when Frankie turns to Peter and says “I love you.” My heart melted. Lea introduces Lisa to her friends/former employees of her skin care line, and they talk about all the success they had, and Lisa is officially in love with Lea. Those flashback videos were the best. Lea actually looked older then.

Back at Alexia’s, Marysol shows up and is really upset about her mom and losing her. Alexia is telling her not to give up and stay strong. Lea and Lisa are dancing, while RJ is at the hotel ordering his grandma room service. Lisa rides the bull and looks like a pro. And no Lisa, I didn’t think for a second that you weren’t good at “riding things.” It’s now Lea’s turn on the bull and she has a graceful sway to her riding. It’s the last day in Texas and after a nice breakfast with Lea’s mom, they are saying their goodbyes and heading to the airport. Till next time…

Let’s discuss this week’s RHOM! What do you think of Lea’s family? And how do you feel about Romain’s family not coming to the wedding? Would you be upset by them not coming if you were Joanna?

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