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Ana Quincoces & Lisa Hochstein Take Their Feud To Twitter! Ana Bothered By Lisa’s “The Cubans” Comment!


On last night’s Real Housewives of Miami, Lisa jumped to Lea’s defense after Marysol called her out and accused her of not reaching out to Mama Elsa. Lea said she had a special bond with Mama Elsa from years past and was hurt that Marysol would accuse her of not sending her flowers.

When Lisa called out Marysol, Marysol walked away telling Lisa not to butt in because she had just met the group. Ana then told Lisa that she was defending just for the sake of defending. Ana made a comment after Lisa failed to use her own vocabulary, asking her if was “hooked on phonics” and Lisa then called Ana condescending in her interview.

The beef moved to Twitter where Ana’s supporters rallied behind her and began putting down Lisa! Ana retweeted some of the comments which Lisa got hurt by. Lisa responded and said:

Ana replied, and later deleted, saying that she at least tried things unlike Lisa. Lisa replied:

Ana also tweeted things about Lenny and alluded to them being swingers! In the end, she regretted engaging and told a follower:

Ana summarized things telling her followers that the issue is Lisa’s constant mention of “the Cubans” and calling them a gang.

Things did get crazy for a minute though! Poor Twitter, the unsung “friend of the Housewives” on all these shows…It’s rough for me to side with anyone because I like both ladies, but I’m going to say both came out bad! Ana is just above the cattiness of Real Housewives and I think Lisa really should not have butted into this argument.

Who do you think was in the wrong?

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