Jill Zarin Talks Rejecting Bethenny’s Offer To Appear On Her Show; Says Bethenny Should Have Reached Out And Asked!

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 12.06.09 PM It was reported that former Real Housewives of New York stars Jill Zarin and Alex McCord were asked by Bethenny’s producers to appear on her talk show for some type of reunion. Both confirmed that they denied the offer which left Bethenny shocked. Jill opened up to Life&Style on why she decided to turn down Bethenny’s offer saying,
“I flat out said ‘no’ when they asked me to go on her show. Does she think I’m just going to show up and she’s going to come out and do her fake show and then run away? She couldn’t pick up the phone and call me herself. I was shocked. She should’ve called. I’m in a neutral zone with Bethenny; we’ve communicated. I was hurt that she didn’t call me because I did e-mail and congratulate her on the show, so it wasn’t like we hadn’t spoken. I was hoping she was looking for resolution and not to use me for ratings. I was looking for an honest and real conversation. I felt I deserved that because we were such good friends.”
Jill added that no money was discussed to appear but it wouldn’t have even mattered while Alex said the offer was laughable. I think Alex needs to realize no one gets paid to appear on a talk show. In fact, you should appreciate that you even got the offer especially for a former housewife. Do you think Jill made the right decision by rejecting Bethenny’s offer?

Jill Zarin decided to reject Bethenny’s offer because she felt that Bethenny should have personally reached out to her instead of going through the show’s producers. Jill was hurt by this lack of direct communication, especially since she had previously congratulated Bethenny on her show. She was hoping for an honest and real conversation, rather than being used for ratings.

No, according to Jill Zarin, no money was discussed as part of the offer. The decision to turn down the offer was not influenced by financial considerations. It seems that Jill’s main concern was the lack of personal contact from Bethenny and her desire for a genuine resolution to their friendship.

 Alex McCord found the offer to appear on Bethenny’s talk show laughable. It seems that she did not see any value in accepting the offer, as she believed that no one gets paid to appear on a talk show. It is unclear whether Alex shared the same concerns as Jill regarding the lack of personal contact from Bethenny.

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