RHONJ Recap: The Season Comes To An End And The Gang Officially Move Forward


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It has finally come to an end. We are officially done with season 5 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey and it’s been an interesting and repetitive season. The season finale continues with the gang at Kim D’s Grand Opening and Melissa plus Teresa chatting with Penny Drossos. Penny Drossos is the girl who’s been on twitter blasting Melissa Gorga for being a cheater, and stripper and Melissa want to get to the bottom of it. Although Penny has gone after Melissa for years, she decided to tell Joe Gorga, Teresa, and Melissa that Teresa is the source of all that’s happening explaining that she knew Melissa was going to be set up. Joe Gorga then says in an interview that he believes Penny over Teresa. Therefore, Joe is confirming that the rumors about his wife cheating on him are true? Since Penny said them and what Penny says is the truth, according to Joe. I think it’s simply disgusting that Joe Gorga can say he believes someone who has said his wife is a stripper and cheated on him over his sister. His parents must be SO proud. The fact that Melissa and Joe are believing Penny just confirm the rumors are true about Melissa. They would never believe her if everything she said about them was false…right?

Teresa is so taken back about being blamed and Penny continues to tell Teresa that they have texted and spoke on the phone. Teresa tells Penny to show proof on her phone that the two have texted or have spoken to each other on the phone. Penny says she deleted her text messages with Teresa. Hmm…this sounds shady. Why would Penny delete text messages that she had with Teresa if Teresa was behind it all? Johnny then comes in and Joe Gorga asks Johnny why he knows things about Teresa’s and his parents. Johnny says he obviously gets the information from Teresa. Teresa seems absolutely shocked. What I find funny is that Teresa never speaks about her parents to anyone so why would she talk about them to Johnny or Penny? That’s when Joe Gorga gets heated and attacks Johnny the Greek. FYI, AllAboutTRH was the first to tell you that the brawl wasn’t going to be shown and it wasn’t despite what all other media outlets announced.

After the brawl occurs, Caroline Manzo gets super heated because she’s tired of the constant drama. She then looks over to Kim D and calls her out because at the end of the day, Kim D is behind everything that happens. Melissa then shouts in Teresa’s face and tells her to change who she hangs around even though Teresa keeps stating she has never surrounded herself with Penny and Johnny. I think it’s sick that Melissa thinks its okay to shout at Teresa. I really do. What’s even more sickening is that Joe Gorga could say these people are people that Teresa brought into this world. Joe is starting to look pathetic. And I’m over him bashing his sister on TV.

Joe Gorga just wants Teresa to admit that she was behind everything but why would she admit something if she wasn’t? Just to make him happy? Just trust your sister and move on. The problem is Joe Gorga doesn’t want to trust his sister. He wants to bring all the drama that he can onto the show hence why he’s told reporters several times that he can always bring drama to the show.

The next day, Kathy and Richie head over to Melissa’s and Joe’s house to talk about what happened at Kim D’s grand opening. Joe Gorga continues to blame everything on Teresa and for the first time, ever, Richie puts Joe in his place. Richie explains that in the end of the day, Teresa is his sister and this shouldn’t make them not move forward. Richie actually makes sense. Surprised but kudos to him for having a brain at that moment. Caroline Manzo is back at home and she seems content. She explains that life is really good with her and she’s happy but to make life complete, I do think it would be a good idea for her to make peace with Dina. No matter what it takes.

Jac Laurita heads over to Teresa’s place to also discuss the brawl and I found myself getting super excited seeing them together. Just like the good ol’ days! I’m actually starting to re-like Jacqueline. Chris and Juicy are also hanging with them and Teresa explains that she hopes this doesn’t stop her relationship with Joe from moving forward. Teresa even takes responsibility for some of her actions which surprises Jacqueline. Chris Laurita then explains that because he’s feuding with his sister Dina, sometimes he likes to believe when he hears the bad things he’s heard she’s saying about her only because he’s mad at her. I know Dina isn’t going to pleased with her name being involved on RHONJ since she’s asked several times that she doesn’t get pulled into it. Juicy Joe is over talking about all the drama and I know I’m going to get crap for this but I truly believe Juicy is the realest one on RHONJ!

The gang is trying some drinks for Albie and Chris’s new restaurant and Joe Gorga is invited. Later on Teresa and Juicy walk in and Teresa takes Joe Gorga to the side to talk to him. Teresa has not spoken to Joe since the brawl and wants to see where they are at. It’s quite sad that Joe Gorga only talks to Teresa when cameras are rolling and can’t just call her when they are not. Luckily, Melissa is a no show and that means that this talk will probably go smoothly. Teresa apologizes to Joe for everything that’s happened and takes responsibility for her actions. She expresses that she should have never been present when people spoke negatively about Melissa and admitted to being okay with people saying things about Melissa when they weren’t in a good place. Joe is happy Teresa is taking responsibility but still insults her for how she does it. Joe Gorga then says how he isn’t perfect but still doesn’t apologize for anything he’s ever done. He even adds that when everyone spoke about Juicy cheating on Teresa he never said anything. Did he forget that his wife did though? On camera while being filmed? Not only did she say Joe Giudice cheats on Teresa she also said that Juicy doesn’t love Teresa? And what did Joe Gorga say? Nothing. He didn’t even defend his sister. Joe Gorga then adds that Melissa and Teresa are both at fault for a lot of things and the tears start coming from the both of them. Again, how much better do things go when Melissa isn’t around? I just wish Joe would apologize for calling his sister garbage on national TV, say sorry for making comments that she’s dumb and just recognize that he’s bashed her since he’s came onto the show. Still, I’m glad they made peace.

The season ends on a good note and I’m happy with it. Hopefully the reunion does too..thought’s on the season finale?!

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